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    • Aaron's Pics 001.jpg
      "Paradigm of Performance: A Value system with No Value"

      Where do you find value? How do you know that you’re important in this world? What makes you feel special? Do you even feel valuable? These are important…no, essential questions that we must ask ourselves because the answers to these questions will determine how much impact we will make on our world. It’s true…the answers to these questions directly tie into our sense of...

    • MIDLER4X3.jpg
      The Divine Miss M.

      Bette Midler is back on stage and better than ever. She should be, after 50+ years of collecting rhinestones and feathers! See why she says she's at her peak performance level today.

    • Magic-Dancers-Full-Performance.flv snap shot
      The Orlando Magic Silver Stars Dance Team

      Bonus Material! Due to popular demand, we're posting the complete performance video from the Orlando Magic Silver Stars Dance Team's appearance at a recent NBA game in Orlando, Florida.

    • Twirlers-16x9.jpg
      Twirling to a New Beat

      We're big fans of The Villages Twirlers, a baton performance team in The Villages, Florida. They partied at Walt Disney World, and proved that girls just wanna have fun. Now, they are marching to the beat of some new drummers!

    • BB King.jpg
      Feeling The Blues

      One of the most gifted musicians of all time -- B.B. King is only getting better and bolder with the years. Recently, he opened a new blues club in Orlando, Florida, and GrowingBolder.com has video of his amazing performance!

    • Matt photo.jpg
      Ten Signs of Perfectionism

      You Might Be a Perfectionist If. . . By Matt W. Sandford, LMHC Some perfectionists are the proud, card carrying type. They believe that being hard on themselves and others makes them and others better. And better is what they are driven to become. And probably, even if they don’t say it, is the belief that this is the right way to live and progress. And people who don’t rigorously follow...

    • springsteen-mcguinn16x9.jpg
      The Boss and the Byrd

      Two Rock and Roll Hall of Famers jamming on stage to the delight of a surprised crowd. Only Growing Bolder has the inside story of the on-stage collaboration between two rock icons.

    • Beverly Allen.jpg
      World's Oldest Showgirl Dies

      Beverly Allen was all about defying expectations. She swore she'd never stop dancing and she didn't until she passed away this week at the age of 90.

    • Tony Awards 2.jpg
      And the Tony Nominees Are ...

      Make way for Whoopi -- the nominations for the 2008 American Theatre Wing's Tony Awards are out, and there are some big names on the list! Check it out, and see the biggest name of all -- the host!

    • Fountain of Youth Springs in Vegas, Baby

      Mega-stars who rose to fame more than three decades ago, including Cher, Elton John and Bette Midler, are finding a new home in Sin City. Find out why the neon desert is such a draw for these smokin' hot stars.

    Viewing 1-10 of 156