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    • latenightmuserjpg

      (Readers: I wrote this nearly three years ago. I am publishing it again because today is Niles’, our family dog’s, third birthday. As I write these words, Niles is asleep on the sofa next to my wife – at peace in knowing he is safe and adored.) In previous musings, I wrote about Samantha, affectionately known as Sam, who was my wife's cat for 19 years and mine for the last ten...

    • latenightmuserjpg
      A true dog story - who could make this up?

      The following is a true story. A man in Jacksonville, FL has two brown boxers. A while back they escaped from their fenced-in back yard, started to roam around the neighborhood and A1A. They were gone for hours. Their owner searched all over and finally went to the local Humane Society and found his dogs. He identified the two boxers as his. He was told that he had to have proof that...

    • Maggie2.jpg
      Vet Using Breakthrough Stem Cell Treatment

      Veterinary surgeons are certified to do a one-of-a-kind stem cell therapy to treat dogs suffering from arthritic pain.

    • myself and pet rabbit
      myself and pet rabbit

      This is a recent picture of me with my pet rabbit "Bambi" ..we're getting into the "Autumn" spirit, cannot believe it has finally arrived!

    • genericprofile-candy.jpg
      Pet Rescue by Judy

      This Sat June 12 at 10am open house at Glacie Cakes in Waterford Towers to support Judy,s Pet Rescue. Please stop by. http://www.glaciecakes.com 407 928 0723

    • Winning dog[1]compressed for fast loading.jpg
      Winning dog[1]compressed for fast loading.jpg

      A concept company in the pet industry. We find and/or develop unique, one of a kind concepts or products for the pet industry and take them to market.

    • genericprofile-candy.jpg
      Pet Rescue

      This Sat 12 June at 10 am Glacie Cakes Bakery located in Waterford Towers is holding open house to help Judy,s pet rescue raise funds for homeless animals. Please come by and support Judys Pet rescue. http://www.glaciecakes.com

    • CRFLogo.jpg
      Moving Tips for Your Pet

      If you have pets you probably know how intuitive they are – especially when “change is in the air”. Moving can be a particularly challenging time for your pet. The members of Florida’s Lake Ashton Pet Co-op have put together some tips on how to ease the transition for you and your pet and get you all in your new home safe and sound. Whether your pet is traveling by car or by plane,...


    Viewing 1-10 of 44