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    • Sandy Scott Skype16x9.jpg
      Sandy Scott Turns the Page

      Sandy Scott is living proof that it's never too late to try new things or to be great. He is so interesting and inspiring that we've invited him to join Team GB Elite. See what makes him one of the most unique 74-year-olds on the planet.

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      Growing Bolder Radio Show: May 21, 2011

      What's on your to do list? Whether it's getting organized, getting in shape or blazing a new trail in life, learn how to take control of your life and control the chaos.

    • joel-grey1x1.jpg
      Joel Grey

      Joel Grey is one of those rare actors to score the show business hat trick by winning a Golden Globe, an Oscar and a Tony. Find out why he launched a new career in his 70s and what he can teach you about taking pictures with your cell phone!

    • Taylor Lockwood 16x9.redo_2014.jpg
      The Mushroom Man

      Many people are interested in photography. Some specialize in portraits, others landscapes. Taylor Lockwood specializes in -- are you ready for this? -- mushrooms! Get ready to see fungi in a whole new light.

    • Jepson-Doug-covershoot16x9.jpg
      Backstage at the GB Magazine Cover Shoot

      We put our front-page subject for the March/April 2013 issue of Growing Bolder Magazine through quite the balancing act. Go behind the scenes of our cover shoot to see the story behind the front-page story.

    • Boudoir16x9.jpg
      Discover Your Inner Sex Symbol

      Photo shoots are moving out of the studio and into the bedroom! Boudoir photography is attracting women who prove you're never too old to be sexy.

    • Laura-Sharpe1x1.jpg
      Laura Sharpe

      Her life changed forever when the helicopter she was riding in crashed, leaving her horribly injured. She survived but the trauma stuck with her. Find out how she's helping other trauma survivors use art to heal their bodies, minds and spirits.

    • Robert Altman, The Sixties
      Robert Altman

      Legendary rock photographer Robert Altman documented the essence of the 1960s through his camera lens, and now he's bringing these extraordinary pictures to you.

    • photos_year_2002_13.jpg
    • photos_year_2002_13.jpg

    Viewing 1-10 of 58