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    • violet-cowden1x1.jpg
      Violet Cowden

      She helped bring down barriers in the '40s and is still at it today! This female fighter pilot recently won the highest civilian honor there is, and at 94, has advice for good living that stands the test of time.

    • Forrest-Bird1x1.jpg
      Forrest Bird

      His device for newborn babies has saved millions of lives over the past couple decades, and at the age of 90, inventor and aviator Forrest Bird is still coming up with new ways to change the world. Find out why he thinks failures in life are crucial.

    • Betty-Wall16x9.jpg
      At 91, This WASP Can Still Sting

      Betty Wall was one of a handful of female pilots in World War II. After the war, she thought that part of her life was over. But then she realized she owed it to her friends -- and herself -- to make sure we never forgot about their contributions.

    • Kittinger-Jackson-16x9.jpg
      Joe Kittinger Flies Michael Jackson

      Col. Joe Kittinger is well-known for his legendary leaps forward in aviation. But there was a chapter left out of his amazing ballooning career. For several years, Kittinger was Michael Jackson's private pilot.

    • Kermit-Weeks16x9.jpg
      Light the Spark Within

      What would you do if you had all the money in the world and a lifetime to spend it? Kermit Weeks realized early on that for him, the sky's the limit. He owns an airplane museum but only recently discovered his true life's purpose.

    • Ed-Shadle-plane1x1.jpg
      Ed Shadle

      Ed Shadle is the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. Now nearly 70, he dreams of breaking the world land speed record, and to achieve his goal, he's built himself the ultimate racer -- a jet engine-powered racecar.

    • Helen Kuhn
      Helen Kuhn

      At the age of 94, Helen Kuhn is still flying high behind the controls of an airplane.

    • 3/11/11
      Water Heaters Pilot wont stay lit...

      So, last night I get home and my girlfriends taking a cold shower.. I think to myself.. Good I got the night off.. haha.. little did I know that it was because my pilot light went out and wouldnt stay lit anymore.  My girlfriends Dad directed me to..

    • Kittinger-Jackson-4x3.jpg

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