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    • Kittinger-McCain16x9.jpg
      I Was a POW with John McCain

      In 1972, decorated combat pilot and legendary aviator Joe Kittinger was shot down and imprisoned in the "Hanoi Hilton." The man in the next cell was John McCain. For the first time, Kittinger speaks out on camera about their experiences.

    • OnieandBill16x9.jpg
      Lifelong Learning Minute: Onie Ponder

      She's 110 years old and has voted in every Presidential election since 1920. Onie Ponder is one in a million.

    • women-racing16x9.jpg
      Women Steer Racing in Right Direction

      When Barack Obama won the presidential election he kicked in a door that some believed might never open. The same is happening in the world of racing, only it's women walking through this door.

    • oni16x9.jpg
      Words of Wisdom From a Super Centenarian

      She's 110 years old, she never uses a wheelchair and she wants you to hear her story, Meet the amazing Onie Ponder.

    • frank-caliendo.jpg
      Frank Caliendo

      He's Dr. Phil, Robin Williams, President George W. Bush and John Madden all rolled up into one. He's Frank Caliendo and he's one of the most talented impersonators in the business.

    • Executive Producer Katy Widrick 2.jpg
      Happy New Year!

      There's something so exciting about waking up in a new year ... there are 365 days of unblemished promise ahead, 12 months of challenges -- some known, many not. Last night, I found myself thinking about New Year's Eve 2009, and wondering what big stories I'll be reminiscing about then.It was a remarkable 2008, and we've all seen the highlight reels. From the presidential election to the...

    • Gertrude Baines1x1.jpeg
      A New World's Oldest Person

      Maria de Jesus of Portugal passed away Friday at 115, opening the door for Gertrude Baines. She's 114, the daughter of slaves and she even voted in November for Barack Obama.

    • Dwight Bain Life Coaching tips
      10 Strategies to Survive a Major Life Crisis

      Surviving Major Life Crisis – 10 insights to guide you through stressful events with...


    Viewing 1-8 of 8