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    • H100-interpersonal16x9.jpg
      Healthy 100: Interpersonal Relationships

      Our overall health is almost always a direct reflection of our interpersonal relationships. Find out why humans are wired for relationships with friends and family and how loving more can actually help you live longer.

    • lisa-oz1x1.jpg
      Lisa Oz

      Acclaimed health and wellness expert Lisa Oz can teach you how to harness the power of good relationships and improve your entire life.

    • renee-18A_B&W_FB.jpg
      Parenting adult children

      “Time makes bolder, children get older I’m getting older, too.” ~ Fleetwood Mac My friend’s voice cracked and tears spilled from her eyes as she recounted the last meeting with her 30-something daughter. “My therapist says my relationship with you is toxic. I can’t be around you.” I’ve known this woman for more than 20 years. I’ve watched the sacrifices she made for her...

    • Joan-Price1x1.jpg
      Joan Price

      Part of Growing Bolder is being able to talk about anything. Even sex! When Joan Price wrote "Naked at Our Age," she knew she might get some raised eyebrows. But she's determined to prove that sex can be better at 60 than at 20.

    • Lisa-Oz-new1x1.jpg
      Lisa Oz: Transform Your Relationships

      Nothing can hold you back in life like a bad relationships and nothing else can make you soar like a good one. Best-selling author Lisa Oz helps you discover your "authentic self," which she says will have ripple effects on EVERY relationship.

    • Susan-Silver-4x3.jpg
      Looking for Love?

      GB Thought Leader and frequent Growing Bolder Radio Show guest Susan Silver recently joined a panel of women on NBC's "Today" show to talk about relationships -- romantic and not -- and finding love that will last.

    • abigail-trafford1x1.jpg
      Abigail Trafford

      She's an evangelist about the age wave, and award-winning writer Abigail Trafford says she's uncovered research that confirms we're much better at relationships as we age. Find out why.

    • alice in grey_1.jpg
      Life After 50

      9-29-14 wmkv col ON 89.3 FM Cincinnati Ohio wmkvfm.org Internet public radio worldwide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello. This is Alice Hornbaker with my column “Life after 50” that is heard around the world on the Internet at wmkvfm.org Mondays and Thursdays at 2:20 p.m. and Fridays at 8:50 am. And it is also a...

    • Why Negative Thoughts Affect Your Health

      If you’ve ever wondered why some people naturally attract friends and you don’t, it may be that too often you wear your heart on your sleeve. Maybe you appear angry at all sorts of things so you’re not especially pleasant to be around. Think of how you present yourself to others. Are you a little too rude when a sales person mistakenly gives you the wrong change? Do you quickly...

    • Lesbian-Couple.jpg
      Never Too Late For Love

      More than five decades after falling in love, activist couple Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin finally joined each other at the end of the aisle to say their vows. The women, both over 80, pushed and pulled their way to equal rights for gays.

    Viewing 1-10 of 222