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    • Army Strong--When You Miss the Train, Run

      My commute is almost two hours each day, three or four days per week. I hear many people say "I don't have time to get in shape." They go on to explain their stressful job, 45-minute commute, two kids. Life is one big basket of obstacles. The only question is: How do we get over, around or through the obstacles that life throws in front of every one of us.Since my commute puts me in a train...

    • Glenn Fenster
      Glenn Fenster

      Glenn Fenster took a 7,000-mile bike ride to raise awareness about a disorder afflicting his son.

    • Glenn Fenster
      Watching Tiger Win On Two Wheels

      Blog Entry - June 16: Glenn Fenster is biking 8,000 miles to create awareness of Childhood Epilepsy. But what do you do when your body needs a break?

    • Disney-Train-Conductor.jpg
      End of Line for Disney Legend

      Every day for three decades, one man kept the Walt Disney World railroad running. In this Growing Bolder story, a man's personal pride and dedication boils over as he makes one last trip on the tracks.

    • Rosemary Taugher San Francisco
      Rosemary Taugher

      Rosemary Taugher and her daughter are in the early stages of a 40,000-mile bicycle trip that will cover 40 countries and will take nearly three years to complete.

    • Paul Nadeau
      Paul Nadeau

      At 77 years old, Paul Nadeau bicycled across 10 states for 66 days.

    • Georgia Kleinhenz
      Georgia Kleinhenz

      We all know the little old lady that lived in a shoe, but Georgia Kleinhenz is known as the Legendary Little Old Lady on a Bike. She got her name because of how many six-day bicycle tours she's done. Can you say 28?

    • latenightmuserjpg
      Bikers, bikers everywhere

      Spring has arrived here in East CentralFlorida. Gone are those bitter cold dayswhen the temperature couldn't quite make it to 60 and those bone-chillingnights with temperatures of 45 or lower. With spring come three major events. One is the NASCAR Daytona 500, completed for this year. Second is the beginning of the northernmigration of our snowbirds. Arrivingjust before or after Christmas, they...

    • Rachel's Mercury Comet
      Romancing the Road

      Ride shotgun on a wild ride with an 89-year-old woman and her hot car.

    • Motorcycle.jpg
      Ready To Ride?

      Grab your helmet, because GB Member Lou's motor is running, and he's taking you along for a trip through the back country! He's a motorcycle fanatic, and this is your virtual ride.

    Viewing 1-10 of 170