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    • liberty-devitto1x1.jpg
      Liberty DeVitto

      He was the creative force on Billy Joel's biggest hits, so why did they part ways after 3 decades? And was Liberty able to find life after the Piano Man?

    • Dave-Davies1x1.png
      Dave Davies

      One of the most interesting men in the history of rock talks to us about creating the songs of a generation in The Kinks, his stroke and his return to music.

    • Roger-Mcguinn-studio16x9.jpg
      Roger McGuinn in Studio: Part 1

      Rock and roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn recently stopped by the Growing Bolder Radio Show for the full hour, and our cameras were rolling. Go behind the scenes for an unforgettable session with a legend.

    • Roger-McGuinn70-16x9.jpg
      A Rocker at 70: McGuinn's Big Birthday

      Legendary rocker Roger McGuinn reflects on his history in music, his strong relationship with his wife and how different 70 feels than he ever imagined. Plus, he shares exclusive details about his exciting new project involving his famous friends.

    • Lazy-Souls16x9.jpg
      Almost Famous

      Even when they're pushed aside, dreams don't die. They can lie dormant for decades until old friends, old memories or old pictures bring them back to life. For a band called the Lazy Souls, it took 40 years.

    • rogeronrails.jpg
      Roger Rocks on Rails

      What happens when you give a music legend a home video camera and ask him to record an intimate concert on a train from Florida to New York City? All aboard for a trip through rock history with the Byrds founder Roger McGuinn.

    • Running-with-Scissors-4x3.jpg
      Running With Scissors

      Based in Orlando, Florida, Running with Scissors consist of a group of health care professionals who like to rock. The group is led by Dr. Rob Winter, a prominent vascular surgeon who is as good with his Stratocaster as he is with his scalpel.

    • Roger-Draggin-16x9.jpg
      Draggin' 'Cross the U.S.A.

      We're hanging out with Roger McGuinn, and he tells us a story about a little-known song he once played for a group of astronauts. Roger grabs his guitar, and voila! Another GB exclusive.

    • Roger McGuinn_VP6_512K_Stream_001.flv snap shot
      Mr. Tambourine Man

      Come along as we visit Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn at home. A GB Exclusive!

    • 3Marshall-Lytle-1x1.jpg
      Marshall Lytle

      He revolutionized music with his wild bass moves during his days with Bill Haley and the Comets, and at the age of 77, Marshall Lytle is still rocking around the clock with no plans of slowing down.

    Viewing 1-10 of 38