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    • Roger-McGuinn-studio-guitar16x9.jpg
      Growing Bolder TV Welcomes Roger McGuinn

      We were honored to welcome Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and The Byrds' co-founder Roger McGuinn to the Growing Bolder set. He joins us for the entire episode, to discuss the history of rock and his own unique place in it. Get ready to rock!

    • Skype-McGuinn-050710.mp4 snap shot
      GB WebChat: Roger McGuinn

      He's a rock and roll legend, friend to the environment and all-around great guy. See what has Roger McGuinn loving life every day, and meet the woman who inspires him to keep Growing Bolder!

    • Bobby-Breen1x1.jpg
      Bobby Breen

      In the 1930s, Bobby Breen was one of the busiest actors and most famous child stars around. Between '36 and '39, he starred in seven films for RKO Studios and his famous soprano voice made him an instant star. Find out what's he up to now.

    • Roger McGuinn_VP6_512K_Stream_001.flv snap shot
      Mr. Tambourine Man

      Come along as we visit Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn at home. A GB Exclusive!

    • Roger McGuinn-Bill-studio16x9.jpg
      Exclusive Roger McGuinn In-Studio Performance

      The Byrds co-founder Roger McGuinn stops by the Growing Bolder TV studios to play a special song he wrote based on an old Irish blessing and explains how a gift from his friend Tom Petty inspired the moment that led to the song.

    • Roger-Draggin-16x9.jpg
      Draggin' 'Cross the U.S.A.

      We're hanging out with Roger McGuinn, and he tells us a story about a little-known song he once played for a group of astronauts. Roger grabs his guitar, and voila! Another GB exclusive.

    • Roger-TransRadio16x9.jpg
      Childhood Gift Changed Music History

      Many of us collect and proudly display treasured objects because of their special significance. The legendary Roger McGuinn collects small transistor radios. The Byrds' founder describes how a childhood gift changed his life and inspired music history.

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      The Growing Bolder Radio Show: March 20, 2010

      Ready to rock? From real-life rock stars to those whose rock climbing makes them superstars in our book, this episode of the Growing Bolder Radio Show will inspire you to take the stage in your own life.

    • Camilla and Roger
      Byrds at Grand Ole Opry

      Today is the first Saturday in the third month of the year 2011. The past month was filled with filing the tax return, reading so many contracts that I felt like I should have gone to law school and unpacking suitcases. I woke up remembering that we always called the last day of the week “creative Saturday.” Our travels have kept us away from my desk for so long, that notes were coming in from...

    • Roger-Reaction-4x3.jpg
      Unique Video Triggers Roger's Reaction

      Have you seen Roger Rocks on Rails? It's quickly become GB's most-viewed video. Roger McGuinn explains why he was blown away when he saw it, and why he never expected it to be seen by anyone.

    Viewing 11-20 of 95