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    • Marshall-Ulrich1x1.jpg
      Running on Empty: Marshall Ulrich's Story of Loss and Record-Setting Runs

      This is the story of a man trying to find himself and fighting through heartbreak. After the death of his wife, he found peace through running, and in turn, became one of the world's top endurance runners and adventurers.

    • Jeanne Stawiecki, Antarctica
      Jeanne Stawiecki

      Jeanne Stawiecki is living proof that it's never too late to dramatically change your life. Find out what motivated her to become the oldest woman to climb the world's seven tallest mountains, including Mount Everest.

    • Marshall-Ulrich-3x4.jpg
      Marshall Ulrich

      For a man who has run over 100 marathons at least 100 miles long each and climbed to the top of all the seven summits of the world, it's hard to believe Marshall Ulrich was a bit of a coach potatoes until he was almost 30.

    • don-healy-everest1x1.jpg
      Don Healy

      Just five years ago, Don Healy was a 60-year-old couch potato who'd never exercised in his life. Now, he has reached the top of the world -- with an artificial hip.

    • Jeanne Stawiecki
      Guinness Recognizes GB Radio Guest

      The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized 57-year-old Jeanne Stawiecki for two amazing feats. Even more amazing, when you consider what her life was like at the age of 40.

    Viewing 1-5 of 5