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    • Cathy Gillaspie 1x1.jpg
      She Gave The Eternal Gift of Dance

      Cathy Gillaspie's passing came far too soon, but she left a touching and powerful legacy through the students whose lives she guided and the infants whose lives she helped save.

    • Sumner Redstone
      Sumner Redstone

      Born: May 27, 1923
      One of the most powerful media moguls of the 20th century. He has controlling interests in Viacom, CBS, MTV, Showtime, VH1, Nickelodeon, and Paramount.

    • Sharon Pederson
      Sharon Pederson

      She fell in love with the piano when she was a young child, and decades later, she's still tickling the ivories and sharing her passion for music with others.

    • carol-leifer-pink1x1.jpg
      Carol Leifer

      She wrote some of the most memorable scenes in "Seinfeld" history and now Carol Leifer is turning her razor-sharp humor on something we can all relate to -- aging.

    • Bill Boggs
      Bill Boggs

      How much would it help if you understood the keys to success in life? A four-time Emmy Award winning TV host is asking if you've got what it takes.

    • lips.jpg
      Go Under the Knife to Get In That Bikini

      No doubt about it, it's swimsuit season once again. Nothing feels better than the sun on your body in the heat of the summer. But then again, nothing feels worse than looking down at your body and wondering what the heck happened to it!

    Viewing 1-7 of 7