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    • Jacqueline Jones.jpg
      Singing the Blues to Overcome Them

      Jacqueline Jones was a beloved jazz singer, when suddenly everything fell apart. She suffered a brain aneurysm, had both knees replaced and her son and husband died. Life throws challenges at us all. She faced hers head-on.

    • Eight-Miles-High-4x3.jpg
      Eight Miles High: Historic Home Movie Rediscovered

      In 1965, The Byrds' Gene Clark, Roger McGuinn, and David Crosby wrote the song Eight Miles High about their plane trip to England. Two years later, the group returned to London and McGuinn took along his home movie camera -- now he's unveiling the film.

    • Roger McGuinn_VP6_512K_Stream_001.flv snap shot
      Mr. Tambourine Man

      Come along as we visit Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn at home. A GB Exclusive!

    • waterbuffaloes.jpg
      We Are the Water Buffalos

      Can the 30-minute infomercial be far behind? A combination of boot camp and aerobics class, macho style.

    • Shelley Burch cropped.jpg
      A Second Chance for TV/Broadway Star

      Shelly Burch was a star on TV and Broadway when she made the decision to walk away from it all. Her life was a shambles, rocked by showbiz excess. It took years for her to find herself. But now she's back, and more passionate than ever before.

    • Bill & Jackie Name That Tune
      Name That TV Tune

      Who knows TV tunes better? A Boomer or a Gen Xer? Find out in this no-holds-barred intergenerational smackdown!

    • roger for insider_VP6_512K_Stream.flv snap shot
      Sneak Peek at Exclusive Roger McGuinn Concert

      GB President Marc Middleton lets you in on a little secret -- The Byrds' Roger McGuinn is taking you on the road for a concert on rails that travels through the history of rock and roll.

    • Roger-Solar-Ice16x9.jpg
      Roger McGuinn Stays Cool

      We knew he was cool, but this takes it to a whole new level. Byrds founder Roger McGuinn has gone green with solar-powered ice.

    • senior-follies-vol14.jpg
      It's Never Too Late to Shine

      Ever dream of being on stage in a big production? The Fab Follies prove that all of us have a little Broadway inside us.

    • Julie-Andrews1x1.jpg
      Julie Andrews

      Julie Andrews is one of the most beloved movie musical stars of all time. When her famous voice was silenced after a failed surgery, many wondered what she'd do next. There should have been no surprises that she'd come up with something big.

    Viewing 21-30 of 127