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Items Related To Tag 'singing'

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    • Roger McGuinn_VP6_512K_Stream_001.flv snap shot
      Mr. Tambourine Man

      Come along as we visit Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn at home. A GB Exclusive!

    • waterbuffaloes.jpg
      We Are the Water Buffalos

      Can the 30-minute infomercial be far behind? A combination of boot camp and aerobics class, macho style.

    • Shelley Burch cropped.jpg
      A Second Chance for TV/Broadway Star

      Shelly Burch was a star on TV and Broadway when she made the decision to walk away from it all. Her life was a shambles, rocked by showbiz excess. It took years for her to find herself. But now she's back, and more passionate than ever before.

    • Bill & Jackie Name That Tune
      Name That TV Tune

      Who knows TV tunes better? A Boomer or a Gen Xer? Find out in this no-holds-barred intergenerational smackdown!

    • roger for insider_VP6_512K_Stream.flv snap shot
      Sneak Peek at Exclusive Roger McGuinn Concert

      GB President Marc Middleton lets you in on a little secret -- The Byrds' Roger McGuinn is taking you on the road for a concert on rails that travels through the history of rock and roll.

    • Roger-Solar-Ice16x9.jpg
      Roger McGuinn Stays Cool

      We knew he was cool, but this takes it to a whole new level. Byrds founder Roger McGuinn has gone green with solar-powered ice.

    • senior-follies-vol14.jpg
      It's Never Too Late to Shine

      Ever dream of being on stage in a big production? The Fab Follies prove that all of us have a little Broadway inside us.

    • Julie-Andrews1x1.jpg
      Julie Andrews

      Julie Andrews is one of the most beloved movie musical stars of all time. When her famous voice was silenced after a failed surgery, many wondered what she'd do next. There should have been no surprises that she'd come up with something big.

    • Al Rappa, Haileys Comets
      Al Rappa

      Bill Haley died in 1981 but his former collaborator is keeping the music alive.

    • Bobby Vinton
      Bobby Vinton

      Crooner Bobby Vinton sang many of the songs that we fell in love to.

    Viewing 21-30 of 122