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    • Joel-Sartore1x1.jpg
      Nat Geo Photographer's One-Man Mission

      Joel Sartore is a word-renowned photographer for National Geographic who believes all species of animals deserve a place on the earth. He describes his one-man mission to shoot portraits of nearly 6,000 animals, before it's too late.

    • Boomer The Crooner
      Polar Bear Added to Endangered Species List

      The government just made a bold move, meant to protect one of Earth's most amazing animals. Read the details in this Los Angeles Times story, then share your thoughts -- was this the right move? Polar bear added to endangered species list...

    • Count Tommy
      Norine's New Life @80 - Birds of a Feather

      Becoming a birder has been a long time dream of mine, but reality makes it impractical. When one is a birder, one must look up and be observant. Since I walk with a cane, looking up can be dangerous. I must keep my eye on the ground -- and not on the sparrows. Finch & Black-Headed Grosbeak. Norine Dresser Photo Collection, 2013 The backyard in my new Las Cruces home provides a perfect...

    • Growing Bolder
      Picture of the Day and B'days for Dec. 11

      Today is Thursday, Dec. 11. There are only 20 days left in the year. Today's birthdays include Actress Rita Moreno who turns 77 and singer Brenda Lee who turns 64. Our pictures of the day- new animal species?

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      Growing Bolder Radio Show: March 31, 2012

      Know what's really cool? Seeing how The Fonz uses his celebrity to change the lives of children. Plus, an extraordinary photographer is on a mission to photograph 6,000 species of animals, before it's too late. See how you can be bold in life, too!

    • goldfish.jpg
      Wood Flooring Options During Home Improvement

      Home improvement in many cases is a lifestyle choice that people choose to take. The aim is to improve the look of your interior décor often hand in hand with improving accessibility and smart use of space. Seniors so it seems are particularly fond of home improvement as a result of spending more time at home now that work commitment is replaced with more leisurely interests. One of the...

    • renee-18A_B&W_FB.jpg
      Aquarium owners beware!

      If you’ve ever spent a sleepless night swatting mosquitoes, you’ll understand the plight of the manatee. Longing for a little rest in the warm waters of Volusia County’s Blue Spring, Florida’s beloved manatees are being harassed by armored catfish. The invasive species attach their sucker mouths to the manatees’ skin and graze for algae. “So instead of resting, manatees expend...

    • calment-pic.jpg
      She Defines Human Lifespan

      Lifespan is defined as the age of the oldest living individual of a species. For humans, it's now 122 years and 164 days. That's how old Madame Jeanne Calment was when she died in France in August 1997.

    Viewing 1-10 of 22