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Items Related To Tag 'spokesperson'

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    • Wendy Triathlon
      Surviving and Thriving

      When news anchor Wendy Chioji was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, her struggle was closely followed by thousands. Six years later, Wendy is a relentless fundraiser, inspirational spokesperson and fearless competitor.

    • Morgan-Freeman-4x3.jpg
      Academy Award-Winner Seriously Hurt in Crash

      Morgan Freeman is reportedly in serious condition after a car accident in Mississippi.

    • 4160333,00003,orig_1704_26-POD.jpg
      An Interview with Shaquille O'Neal: Discovering the Athlete Within

      You couldn’t grow up on a farm in Iowa in the ’50s and ’60s without playing basketball. The game was the center of my universe as well as that of my schoolmates. Acquiring the skills of the sport was so important that my father converted the haymow of our barn into a full-length basketball court. When he began teaching me the game in first grade, I struggled to throw the ball high...

    • Ray Zahab
      Ray Zahab

      Ray Zahab used to be a smoker who lived an unhealthy life. After a few major life changes, he's on the other side of the spectrum, running marathons, raising awareness for important causes and living an adventurous life.

    • Executive Producer Katy Widrick 2.jpg
      Bacon and Butter For Breakfast

      Apparently, that's what you have to eat to reach your goals ... at least, if your goals are to speed across Antarctica to the South Pole in record time! GB Radio Show guest Ray Zahab is getting international attention for his trek -- take a look at what Fox News just posted on its Web site. SYDNEY, Australia " A trio of Canadian adventurers said Friday they have set a new record...

    • connie-francis1x1.jpg
      Connie Francis Tells All About Her Extraordinary Life

      Singer Connie Francis has lived a life full of terrible lows and exhilarating highs. She shares what lessons she's learned, dishes on her legendary career and explains why she's such a passionate advocate for those suffering from mental illness.

    • earth-gblogo.jpg
      Going Green Every Day

      Earth Day is just one day out of the year -- how can you help save the Earth the other 364 days of the week? Check out these inspirational stories to get motivated, and get moving!

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