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    • Steve-Mazon1x1.jpg
      Dying to Get on Letterman

      In 2005, comedian Steve Mazan was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer and given five years to live. Like many comedians, he had one dream -- to be a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. Find out if he's achieved his goal.

    • Growing Bolder

    • Brian-Bradley4x3.jpg

    • Brian-Bradley16x9.jpg
      Lifelong Learning Minute: Brian Bradley

      We have a sit-down chat with a real standup guy and find out he went from stress to "Seinfeld" and experienced every emotion along the way.

    • George-Wallace16x9.jpg
      George Wallace

      Since the '70s, George Wallace has been making us all laugh with his hilarious stand-up routines. Now in his 60s, he's sharing what he's learned through his life. Plus, he reflects on his late friend Robin Williams.

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      Growing Bolder Radio Show: July 23, 2011

      Forget everything you've been told about what you can and can't do. This week's guests prove that there's one secret to success in life -- your attitude. From failing to aging to disabilities, see how these are opportunities to succeed and thrive.

    • lynn-ruth-miller4x3.jpg
      What's All The Fuss About?

      When she turned 70, Lynn Ruth Miller decided she wanted to try standup comedy. Why not? Now, five years later, she's hotter than ever. Check her out, and see proof that it really is never too late to do the things you always wanted to.

    • Brian-Bradley16x9.jpg
      A Sit-Down Chat With a Stand-Up Guy

      He's been on more than 20 sitcoms, in six feature films and had a 4-year run on Broadway. One of the top improv comedians working today, Brian Bradley survived the excesses of showbiz with a clear vision for the future.

    • Lynn Ruth Miller 1x1.jpg
      Lynn Ruth Miller

      Hey, did you hear the one about the 75-year-old comic? This is no joke - Lynn Ruth Miller has discovered a new career on the stage and she's using her act to set the record straight on aging.

    • Rita Rudner
      Rita Rudner

      Comedian Rita Rudner turned 50 and turned over a new leaf. At 54, she's written 5 books and has kept her marriage going for 20 years. So, what's her secret to happiness?

    Viewing 1-10 of 22