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    • Wendy-Bruce-16x9.jpg
      Wendy Bruce and Olympic Gymnastics

      Gymnast Wendy Bruce went from gold medalist to parent and coach. And during that transformation she realized what was really the secret to success -- fun!

    • Cookie-Johnson-jeans16x9.jpg
      Cookie Johnson's Star Rises

      She is most famous for being married to NBA great Magic Johnson, but now Cookie Johnson is making a name for herself by filling a void in the fashion world -- bringing fashionable jeans to women of all shapes and sizes. And she's changing lives.

    • Petula-Clark1x1.jpg
      Petula Clark

      As a child star, Petula Clark was known as the "British Shirley Temple," but her success continued well past the awkward teenage years. Clark has been performing for more than 50 years, selling more than 70 million records in all.

    • Rachel guns 1x1.jpg
      Inside the Story: Rachel's Final Ride

      Her body broke down before her beloved car -- but 93-year-old Rachel Veitch wouldn't have it any other way. Come along as Growing Bolder joins the viral video star for her last ride in her Mercury Comet Caliente.

    • Monica-Lewis16x9.jpg
      Monica Lewis

      Hollywood siren Monica Lewis was an MGM star, toured the world entertaining the troops with Danny Kaye and even voiced Miss Chiquita Banana in commercials. Now 92, she's still vibrant, passionate and enjoying every day.

    • Mickey-Carroll2-1x1.jpg
      Inside the Story: Mickey Carroll

      Songs about dogs? Credit cards? Raising a child? Mickey Carroll has quite a unique approach to music these days. Back in the 1950s when he released his first record, being a star was all about ego. Now, he's found a more rewarding definition.

    • camera.jpg
      Picture of the Day and B'Days for August 19

      Today is Tuesday, Aug. 19, the 232nd day of 2008. There are 134 days left in the year. Our picture of the day has nothing to do with Dr. Seuss.

    • Mickey-Gilley16x9.jpg
      Mickey Gilley's Story of Survival

      His rendition of Stand By Me in the movie Urban Cowboy launched Mickey Gilley's career into the stratosphere, but wait until you hear about the many obstacles he's had to overcome since then. Now 78, he's more passionate than ever about performing.

    • New CD Jacket Design
      Becoming A 'Rock Star' at 53...

      I go to prove that you are never too old to keep trying. Although I have been writing songs and making music for over 50 years, it has only been in the last year that I have been able to have my dream come true - to record a CD and share my songs. As a self taught guitarist, I come from an incredibly talented family - each with our own style, but where the competition is fierce! I have...


    Viewing 31-40 of 196