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Items Related To Tag 'syrup'

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    • Susan-Mitchell-16x9.jpg
      Dr. Susan Mitchell: Choosing the Right Sweetener

      Is agave syrup better for you, especially if you're diabetic, than other sweeteners such as sugar, maple syrup or honey?

    • 4160333,00003,orig_1704_26-POD.jpg
      Is Sugar Evil? Is Sugar Your Recreational Drug of Choice?

      Demonizing particular foods and specific categories of foods, such as carbs or fats, is...

    • dr-daniel-thomas16x9.jpg
      Dr. Daniel Thomas

      Dr. Daniel Thomas represents a new breed of physicians willing to think outside of the box. He wants to keep you healthy, young and vibrant, and he has a plan to do just that.

    • suzy_cohen1.jpg
      Coffee Lovers Rejoice!

      Dear Pharmacist, My husband and I are tea lovers and we were so glad to find out about matcha green tea from your article last year. Are you aware of other healthy tea drinks such as this? --P.M. Tulsa, Oklahoma Answer: Yes, as a matter of fact. When I was traveling through northern California, I stumbled upon a cool cafe that only serves yerba mate, pronounced “yerba-mah-tay.” The drink gives...

    • 4160333,00003,orig_1704_26-POD.jpg
      How to Prevent or Reverse Metabolic Syndrome

      Do you have characteristics associated with metabolic syndrome? If your answer is yes, you are at increased risk for several chronic and potentially life-threatening conditions, including heart disease.Statistics on the prevalence of heart disease in the United States are grim. Every 20 seconds, a person suffers a heart attack. Every 34 seconds, a person dies from heart disease. And although women...

    • 4160333,00003,orig_1704_26-POD.jpg
      Eighteen Nutrition Myths: How Many Do You Still Believe?

      As part of our ongoing battle to keep ourselves healthy, we learn about the latest nutritional information and hope to glean insight so we can make appropriate adjustments to our diet. However, the rate at which conflicting advice triggered by research floods the Internet, magazines, television, radio and newspapers creates as much confusion as clarity. Today’s food fact is tomorrow’s food...

    • 512x512_MD_Avatar.jpg
      Marinating Tips

      Whenever I make a marinade, I take many things into consideration. Quality and freshness come first – the quality and freshness of the product I am about to marinate and the ingredients I use to create my marinade. The recipe ingredients and the type and size of meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables also affect the amount of time you marinate your product. Marinades are meant to enhance, or...


    Viewing 1-9 of 9