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    • Shea-Vaughn1x1.jpg
      Shea Vaughn

      Shea Vaughn is an author, speaker and fitness expert who is about creating well-being at any age. With her new SheaNetics program, she's combining Eastern philosophies and practices with the Western lifestyle to create a mind-body workout.

    • Dr.-Frank-Wildman-1x1.jpg
      Dr. Frank Wildman

      Dr. Frank Wildman is teaching people how to regain the vigor and flexibility they had in their youth by showing them a new way to move their bodies.

    • ellal-small.jpg
      Bob Ellal

      Bob Ellal is a four-time cancer survivor who says he's learned the key to surviving a "terminal" illness -- harnessing the mind-body connection to complement western medicine. He shares what he's learned about an ancient Chinese practice.

    • I'm giving cancer the boot!
      Tai Chi

      I've discovered Tai Chi and it's making a difference for me. I began classes in August and I must admit it has been an interesting experience. How can something so slow be so painful? I keep asking myself that after every session. However, I am realizing.

    • tai-chi-class1x1.jpg
      Betty Rose

      Think you're too old to change your body? Wait until you meet 89-year-old Betty Rose, the world's oldest tai chi instructor.

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      The Growing Bolder Radio Show: Nov. 28, 2009

      This week's guests include football legend Fran Tarkenton, cancer survivor and author Beverlye Fead, Betty Rose, the world's oldest tai chi instructor, and the Skydivers Over Sixty.

    • Fitness.jpg
      9 Steps to Physical Fitness

      It's never too late to get in shape and the time to start is now. Step one is to consult with your doctor to get an exercise routine tailored to your needs and physical condition. Then follow these Growing Bolder Fitness tips.

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