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    • tea-cup-bags16x9.jpg
      Straight Talk: Tea Time

      Grab a mug or glass and brew up a dose of health ... with tea! Growing Bolder's registered dietitian and nutrition expert Dr. Susan Mitchell digs in to see which types and preparations are best.

    • Executive Producer Katy Widrick 2.jpg
      Steeped In Memories

      You know how a smell can trigger a memory? For me … Earl Grey tea is one of the most powerful smells around. Not because of the delicate herbs and spices -- but because Earl Grey smells like summer afternoons with my grandmother. Grandma Kathy was born in Australia, and came to the United States after marrying my grandfather. She and Grandpa Joe had two kids -- my uncle John, and my...

    • RVMemphis7
      On The Streets of Memphis

      Living in Memphis.... By Rene Vassar we sometimes get caught up between the elegance of the Old South with the big fine Southern homes and all the decorating that goes on there, and the cotton fields. We just can't help it! We put on cowboy boots to shop estate sales on Saturday and sip onpeach tea in the "antique malls" here in Memphis....

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      While visiting the priest

      While visiting the priest, we watched the caged birds mate as we sat in the room for tea and cake was served. My mother did try not to laugh and failed so loud. I looked for proof the birds were both of different gender As we sat in the room for tea and cake was served the mating birds both fell off of their stick and died . The priest began to cry so bad, that we should leave. My mother...

    • 512x512_MD_Avatar.jpg
      Why fathers never make good mothers

      Mom went shopping, leaving Dad in charge of their daughter. Wendy was about 21 months old and loved playing with her new tea set. Dad was engrossed in the evening news when Wendy brought him a little cup of “tea” that was really just plain water. He praised her good “cooking” skills, so she brought him another cup. After several more cups of “tea,” and much praise,...


    Viewing 11-20 of 61