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    • avincent.jpg
      On the Road Again: Top Tech Gadgets for Boomers Who Love to Travel

      It’s no secret that many boomers like to use this time in their life to travel and see new places. Technology is helping make it easier for them, as boomers are becoming more comfortable using electronics than ever before. Here are five easy-to-use products to help seniors enhance their travel experience. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W570 Boomers will want to be sure to capture special...

    • mcguinns-radio-taping1x1.jpg
      GB Radio Show: An Hour With Roger McGuinn

      Rock and roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn and his wife, Camilla, are joining us for the full hour! With his guitar in hand, Roger takes an intimate look back at his 50 years in the music business and tells us how he continues to grow and evolve.

    • Computer Keyboard
      Dotsie Bregel

      Dotsie Bregel has created an online meeting place for Boomer women.

    • image.jpg
      Technology for Baby Boomers!

      What is it like to be 56 years old and loving the time in history we live in, especially when it comes to Technology and the Internet.Hi my name is Bob Roman, or “Trainer Bob” as I am affectionally called sometimes. I am a computer training specialist and curriculum designer. I teach Microsoft office 2010 and design eLearning programs using Adobe Cativate 5. I do not have a computer...


      Check out our special growing bolder newsletter. It's spectacular with previews of eBooks senior students made in our Beyond Computer Basics class. I do not see where to attach a copy here, so send us your email and we will email attach a copy for you. Here is our email address: seniortechacademy@yahoo.com. Also, let us know if you would like to have a computer academy at the basic and/or beyond...

    • Thomas-Frey1x1.jpg
      Thomas Frey

      Futurist Thomas Frey weighs in on mankind's future, including such hot button topics like the legalization of marijuana, our prison system and why Earth may not be our only homebase option in the future.

    • Dan-Beach-16x9.jpg
      Growing Bolder Minute: Master of the Web

      He's a webmaster in the most literal sense -- Dan Beach is in his 70s, but he's more cutting-edge than most kids!

    • Google-Wave-16x9.jpg
      Tech Minute: Google Wave

      Google Wave is designed to make it easier to create and share documents on the Web, so people all over the world can stay on top of updates, breaking news and collaborative projects.

    • Yelp-16x9.jpg
      Tech Minute: Yelp!

      A funny name, but a serious tool. See how tools like Yelp! and other online review services are making it easier to find stores, restaurants and more, based on reviews and recaps from friends and followers.

    • Geocache-16x9.jpg
      Tech Minute: Geocaching

      It's a high-tech treasure hunt — letting you track down toys and other trinkets, using GPS codes and smartphones. Have you tried geocaching?

    Viewing 11-20 of 135