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    • Roger-Broken-Wrist.flv snap shot
      GB Exclusive Interview

      Rock Hall of Fame Roger McGuinn speaks for the first time about the fall that cut short his tour, his recent surgery, upcoming rehab and plans to return to the stage better than ever.

    • Roger-TransRadio16x9.jpg
      Childhood Gift Changed Music History

      Many of us collect and proudly display treasured objects because of their special significance. The legendary Roger McGuinn collects small transistor radios. The Byrds' founder describes how a childhood gift changed his life and inspired music history.

    • rogeronrails.jpg
      Roger Rocks on Rails

      What happens when you give a music legend a home video camera and ask him to record an intimate concert on a train from Florida to New York City? All aboard for a trip through rock history with the Byrds founder Roger McGuinn.

    • Roger-Reaction-4x3.jpg
      Unique Video Triggers Roger's Reaction

      Have you seen Roger Rocks on Rails? It's quickly become GB's most-viewed video. Roger McGuinn explains why he was blown away when he saw it, and why he never expected it to be seen by anyone.

    • Roger-Folk-Den-4x3.jpg
      Inside the Folk Den

      Since 1995, Byrds founder Roger McGuinn has worked to keep the legacy of American folk music alive. Every month, he records a song for his Grammy-nominated Folk Den project. This is an exclusive inside look.

    • Roger-Draggin-16x9.jpg
      Draggin' 'Cross the U.S.A.

      We're hanging out with Roger McGuinn, and he tells us a story about a little-known song he once played for a group of astronauts. Roger grabs his guitar, and voila! Another GB exclusive.

    • Eight-Miles-High-4x3.jpg
      Eight Miles High: Historic Home Movie Rediscovered

      In 1965, The Byrds' Gene Clark, Roger McGuinn, and David Crosby wrote the song Eight Miles High about their plane trip to England. Two years later, the group returned to London and McGuinn took along his home movie camera -- now he's unveiling the film.

    • Rafkin-16x9.jpg
      The Music of Bob Rafkin

      He learned his craft in the Greenwich Village scene of the '60s and like a fine wine has perfected with age. Introduce yourself to the music of this amazing songwriter/guitarist.

    • roger-mcguinn-byrdsphoto16x.jpg
      Roger McGuinn: Priceless Photo

      It's just a small publicity photo -- or is it? What makes this photo so important to rock and roll hall-of-famer Roger McGuinn? Why is it a priceless memento from the early days of The Byrds?

    • Roger-Draggin-16x9.jpg
      The Growing Bolder TV Show: Inside Roger's World

      He's one of the biggest names in rock and roll, and Growing Bolder is giving you unprecedented access to Roger McGuinn's life, home and music.

    Viewing 11-20 of 33