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    • Camilla and Roger
      Farewell, Dear Special Lady

      We usually turn the telephones off after 5pm, an old habit of mine. Sad news always comes to me in the dark hours. Tonight, I went for a walk before turning off the phones. The evening summer air was refreshing after the hot summer day. Neighbors were watering their lawns, the trees were gently moving with the light breeze.Dorothy McGuinn was diligent to keep a daily record of her life. I asked...

    • Roger-Mcguinn-studio16x9.jpg
      Roger McGuinn in Studio: Part 1

      Rock and roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn recently stopped by the Growing Bolder Radio Show for the full hour, and our cameras were rolling. Go behind the scenes for an unforgettable session with a legend.

    • McGuinns-studio16x9.jpg
      Roger McGuinn in Studio: Part 2

      We're taking you back inside the studio with rock legend Roger McGuinn, and this time he's explaining how Mr. Tambourine evolved from a demo that no one in the band really liked to the classic you know and love today.

    • Roger-Camilla-4-16x9.jpg
      Roger McGuinn in Studio: Part 4

      What's life on the road like for Roger McGuinn these days? He explains why he's very specific in the venues he chooses and what prompted him to leave the big record labels behind and become his own company.

    • Roger-Camilla-seg5-16x9.jpg
      Roger McGuinn in Studio: Part 5

      Roger McGuinn describes his Grammy-nominated Folk Den Project and explains why he felt such an urgency to preserve the songs and history of folk music. Plus, Camilla opens up about their 30-plus years of marriage and reveals how their faith bonds them.

    • Roger-politician16x9.jpg
      Roger McGuinn: The Politician Song

      Did you know legendary rocker Roger McGuinn wrote songs for a Broadway musical in the 1970s? The show never made it to stage, but lucky for us, the songs survived. Roger explains the story behind the timeless "I Wanna Grow Up To Be a Politician."

    • Byrds-EightMilesHigh16x9.jpg
      The History of 'Eight Miles High'

      "Eight Miles High" was The Byrds' third (and final) top 20 hit. But why were there two versions of the song? Why was it briefly banned from radio? And which famous musician's instrument is emulated in it? Byrds' co-founder Roger McGuinn reveals all.

    • Roger-McGuinn-guitar16x9.jpg
      Roger McGuinn: Rock and Roll Star *New Recording!

      Roger McGuinn grants Growing Bolder exclusive access to his home studio for a recording of one of The Byrds' biggest and most beloved hits. Wait until you see how he can still play that 12-string Rickenbacker!

    • Roger McGuinn, Marc Middleton
      Tech Rock

      Rock and roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn is a serious techie. He's showing Growing Bolder how he saves hundreds a dollars a year by using his rolling Wi-Fi system to stay connected on the road.

    • Roger-McGuinn70-16x9.jpg
      A Rocker at 70: McGuinn's Big Birthday

      Legendary rocker Roger McGuinn reflects on his history in music, his strong relationship with his wife and how different 70 feels than he ever imagined. Plus, he shares exclusive details about his exciting new project involving his famous friends.

    Viewing 1-10 of 33