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    • The White Elephant Kneels by Roxana Gillett
      Random thoughts - We Lost Billy

      This morning at 6:06 AM I looked out my bedroom window. The clouds were trying to turn pink but they weren't having much luck; it was a tad too early. The official beginning of a new day hadn't yet begun. I sat up in bed, fluffed the pillow under my back and waited for the sun to rise and embrace the clouds with colors of gold, red, blue and pink. And as I waited, I thought about my cousin Billy,...

    • Peter Greenberg
      Peter Greenberg

      Peter Greenberg is one of the world's top travel experts, and he's got advice for you on how to survive these trying travel times.

    • Bob-Dotson16x9.jpg
      Bob Dotson

      Over the past 40 years, NBC journalist Bob Dotson has logged more than 4 million miles searching the country to tell the American story. He reveals the famous photo that launched this project and what he's learned about our true American values.

    • Growing Bolder

    • car-show-camero4x3.jpg

    • photos_year_2002_13.jpg
      Friday Update...

      Weather is better today, and we're loading the plane again, and hoping to get out to Camp today. No white wolf for Fannie today. However, during Camp setup, were seeing more bears coming by due to the new sounds and smells arousing their curiosity in a habitat the bears are intimately aware of.

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    • 52  XK 120  JAG.JPG
      52 XK 120 JAG.JPG

      i wish i had this car today when i was young i did not appreciate it if i had it today i really would take better car of it the car has seen several owners and finally this present owner had what was needed to rebuild it from the ground up that is m

    Viewing 1-10 of 736