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    • Will Cantrell 1.2.JPG
      New Paradigm

      So, for Christmas I get one of those spiffy new E-readers. The gift box just materialized under the small Douglas fir that is this year’s Christmas tree, left there by some Secret Santa. Several days later, no one has claimed responsibility for the gift, though I have a short list suspects. My holiday prize was wrapped in a small book-sized (ironic, hunh?) box, cleverly...

    • Lucky In Action!
      Lucky’s History of the Yo-Yo

      I am the author of “Lucky’s Collectors Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos – History and Values”. If you're interested at all in collecting, or in the history of this amazing creation, the book is a must-read! I am also the chairman of the American Yo-Yo Association’s History and Collecting Committee. The following is a small excerpt of what I've learned about the fascinating past of the...

    • susan-powter1x1.jpg
      Susan Powter

      The woman who urged us to "stop the insanity" dropped off the national radar 10 years ago. She's back with a new look, a new platform but the same powerful message: there are no shortcuts in life.

    • Hamill Thumbnail
      Gold Medalist's Cancer Battle

      Dorothy Hamill recently revealed that doctors have diagnosed her with breast cancer.

    • connie-francis1x1.jpg
      Connie Francis Tells All About Her Extraordinary Life

      Singer Connie Francis has lived a life full of terrible lows and exhilarating highs. She shares what lessons she's learned, dishes on her legendary career and explains why she's such a passionate advocate for those suffering from mental illness.

    • sandy-podium1x1.jpg
      Sandy Scott Races to the Top at Nationals

      Our pal Sandy Scott is at it again. This week, he raced away from the competition at the National Senior Games in Texas. Find out how much fun the 71-year-old cyclist is having "beating up on the kids."

    Viewing 1-10 of 11