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    • Growing Bolder

    • Growing Bolder

    • The Joy/Pain of Time Trialing!!
      The Magic Performance & Health Elixir

      The Magic Performance & Health Elixir As an active cyclist who logs up to 16,000 miles a year of training and racing, I am always looking for ways to enhance my performance and health. I have often read about the importance of including L-Arginine as part of one’s program of nutritional supplementation, but I take a slug of things every morning so I simply never got around to adding it...

    • One of my 3 dogs!

    • Bonnie-Ave1x1.jpg
      A Champion Bodybuilder, At Age 60

      Just three years ago, Bonnie Ave was told by her doctor that she was losing bone density mass. She took up weightlifting to ward off the damage, and now, at the age of 60, she's a champion bodybuilder and healthier than ever.

    • alex-the-great1x1.jpg
      The Houdini Housewife's Great Escape

      A bad economy has made a lot of families get creative. Wait until you meet this mother of three who decided to give her lifelong passion a try after her husband was laid off. She's now one of the few working female escape artists.

    • Jeanne-Daprano1x1.jpg
      Jeanne Daprano

      Jeanne Daprano is unknown to the general public, but in the masters track and field world, she's one of the biggest superstars. Fresh off her world-record setting sub-7-minute mile, she explains how she stays so fast, fit and strong at 75.

    • Martin-Strel16x9.jpg
      Big River Man

      Slovenian Martin Strel is the most famous endurance swimmer in the world. Part Borat/part superhero, he conquered the entire length of the Amazon, swimming for 66 days and 3,278 miles through waters teeming with deadly creatures.

    • The Joy/Pain of Time Trialing!!

      THE LONG SUCCESSFUL ROAD TO REDEMPTION In 2007, I was training quite vigorously with the goal of winning a national cycling time trial championship at the National Senior Games (aka Senior Olympics) in Louisville. I had only recently recovered from a broken neck suffered in a time trial event in late October of 2005 when an official stepped in my path as I raced towards the finish line....

    • Olga-Kotelko1x1.jpg
      At 91, Olga Kotelko is a World Champion Athlete

      Olga Kotelko is considered one of the greatest athletes in the world. She holds 23 world records, including 17 in her current age category. And she's a spry 91 years young!

    Viewing 111-120 of 162