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Items Related To Tag 'training'

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    • Martin-Strel16x9.jpg
      Big River Man

      Slovenian Martin Strel is the most famous endurance swimmer in the world. Part Borat/part superhero, he conquered the entire length of the Amazon, swimming for 66 days and 3,278 miles through waters teeming with deadly creatures.

    • The Joy/Pain of Time Trialing!!

      THE LONG SUCCESSFUL ROAD TO REDEMPTION In 2007, I was training quite vigorously with the goal of winning a national cycling time trial championship at the National Senior Games (aka Senior Olympics) in Louisville. I had only recently recovered from a broken neck suffered in a time trial event in late October of 2005 when an official stepped in my path as I raced towards the finish line....

    • Olga-Kotelko1x1.jpg
      At 91, Olga Kotelko is a World Champion Athlete

      Olga Kotelko is considered one of the greatest athletes in the world. She holds 23 world records, including 17 in her current age category. And she's a spry 91 years young!

    • John-Casterline1x1.jpg
      Lung Cancer Survivor Hikes for a Cure

      Just surviving Stage 4 lung cancer would be enough for some, but John Casterline has a plan to make a difference. He's setting out on a 2,650-mile backpacking trek to raise money and awareness for one of the deadliest forms of cancer.

    • Janet-Evans1x1.jpg
      Janet Evans

      She's a four-time Olympic gold medalist and the greatest female distance swimmer of all time, and at the age of 40, Janet Evans is staging an Olympic comeback. She explains why she's ready to compete again, even against swimmers half her age.

    • grandpa bell
      Grandpa Bell

      These days, one of the top athletes in the Bell Athletics training center is Earl's Father, Dr. William "Papa" Bell. Last year at the U.S. Masters Championships in Boston, Papa Bell put on one of the most dominating performances in sports history.

    • donna-vano1x1.jpg
      Donna Vano

      She's the queen of extreme sports, a two-time cancer survivor and she'll inspire you to take action in your own life.

    • Marc Middleton.jpg
      Age is Just a Number

      “You should write a book.” I’d love to have a dollar for everyone who must have told Dara Torres that very thing after her amazing performance in Beijing. When the public demands a book, you write one. And Dara did. It hits the shelves this week. The book is called Age is Just a Number and I have not yet read it. But as a journalist, I covered Dara at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, her...

    • Jonah-Berger1x1.jpg
      Debilitating Disease Weakening Athlete's Body, Not Spirit

      Slowly and steadily, Jonah Berger's body is turning on him. A debilitating disease is weakening his arms, legs, feet and hands -- but not his spirit. Find out how -- and why! -- he pushes himself to climb mountains and complete a triathlon.

    • CarolAnn-and-Carol.jpg
      Record-Breaking Flight Fulfills a Dream

      One woman from Texas, one from Florida. One small plane – one very big dream. And all came together when it counted, smashing the speed record for an around-the-world flight, and raising an amazing $145,000 for research on a deadly disease.

    Viewing 111-120 of 155