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      Happy Holidays from Growing Bolder!

      What a year it has been! We just wanted to take a few moments to thank each and every one of you for your continued support, and ask you to help us spread the GB philosophy across the world.

    • Growing Bolder
      Masters Sport Stars

      Older is bolder. Check out our interviews with many of the top masters athletes in the world. These men and women are having the best times of their lives as they turn in the best times of their lives.

    • Surviving and Thriving

      When news anchor Wendy Chioji was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, her struggle was closely followed by thousands. Six years later, Wendy is a relentless fundraiser, inspirational spokesperson and fearless competitor.

    • The Couple That Sweats Together ...

      Triathlons are hard enough, but imagine competing against your spouse! Carol and Joe Neal recently celebrated their 40th anniversary, and their relationship is as strong as their bodies.

    • Success With a Smile

      Dawna Stone became a celebrity after winning "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart," but rather than being the peak of her success, the show was merely another stepping stone on her journey to the top.

    • Surviving, Thriving and Inspiring Us All

      Cancer is on track to become the No. 1 killer in the world. For anyone who has battled cancer or watched a loved one face the difficult diagnosis, it's crucial to believe that there is life after disease. We've got the proof.

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      Bernie Sher

      Cancer survivor Bernie Sher isn't letting a little thing like retirement keep him from competing in the toughest triathlon competition in the world.

    • Kemper in Beijing

    • Rob-Butcher1x1.jpg
      Rob Butcher

      Is swimming the sport for you? U.S. Masters Swimming's executive director explains why the physical and social components of swimming makes it the perfect sport for a lifetime of fitness.

    • Recapturing a Shattered Spirit

      Challenges are nothing new to Martha Carswell -- she's a former pro basketball player and finished Ironman Kona. But when her bike was hit head on by a van, it shattered more than her body. See how she's still learning to live again.

    Viewing 31-40 of 118