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    • Steve-Mazon1x1.jpg
      Dying to Get on Letterman

      In 2005, comedian Steve Mazan was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer and given five years to live. Like many comedians, he had one dream -- to be a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. Find out if he's achieved his goal.

    • Rick-Harrison1x1.jpg
      Is Pawn Star's Rick Harrison Really That Smart?

      How did the owners of a small family business suddenly find themselves as the stars of one of the biggest TV shows in the world? Rick Harrison, the no-nonesense star of "Pawn Stars," explains what makes his store -- and show -- so unique.

    • Connie-Sawyer1x1.jpg
      Connie Sawyer

      At 100 years old, Connie Sawyer is the world's oldest working actress, and she has no plans of slowing down. We catch up with this Hollywood legend to find out about going on auditions at 100 and the one film role she still regrets.

    • Ronnie Bennett
      Ronni Bennett

      After producing shows for Barbara Walters, John Tesh, Whoopi Goldberg and Matt Lauer, Ronni Bennett is now an investigator, reporter and researcher on all things related to aging.

    • Susan Silver
      Susan Silver

      GB regular Susan Silver turns her sharp wit on a reality show that pits older women versus younger women and the media's focus on "hot" older women in TV shows.

    • Susan Silver
      Susan Silver

      Susan Silver has written for some of TV’s biggest comedies, including “The Bob Newhart Show,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Maude.” Silver (who admits even she lies about her age) talks about living in New York City, and trying to meet men.

    • Sam Donaldson
      Sam Donaldson

      Veteran newsman Sam Donaldson has never been shy about speaking his mind.

    • Larry Jones
      Larry W. Jones

      TV Land President Larry W. Jones says the 50+ audience is a powerful force.

    • Susan Silver
      Susan Silver

      Susan Silver talks to Growing Bolder about her love life, the shocking lack of women her age on TV and in the movies and the presidential candidate she calls "the most gorgeous man she has ever seen" (and no, it's not Obama).

    • Ed McMahon
      Ed McMahon

      The man who bellowed one of TV's most beloved phrases night after night takes GB on a journey through the history of the small screen.

    Viewing 21-30 of 69