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    • Growing Bolder
      Growing Bolder on Twitter

      Want to see what the GB staffers are doing all day? We all have Twitter accounts, and love to share great stories, breaking news, behind-the-scenes scoop and more.

    • Tweetup s4 16x9.jpg
      What's a Tweetup?

      Twitter is used by men and women of all ages, celebrities, professional athletes, enterprising media members, and more. Occasionally, the Twitter world intersects with the real world and online relationships become face-to-face relationships.

    • Jon Stweart768K_Stream001.flv snap shot
      Jon Stewart on Twitter

      Everyone is weighing in on the exploding popularity of Twitter-- including Jon Stewart. Lets just say he's not a big fan.

    • skype-Reddish16x9.jpg
      GB WebChat: John Reddish

      We first met John Reddish during our weekly chat on Twitter. And we're glad we did. Find out why he's so passionate about helping small businesses get the results they're looking for and if he thinks this is a good time to run a small business.

    • shoes only get you so far

      I never thought I'd write these words but...c'mon, follow me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/runswstilettosI just spent the weekend at the posh and historic and lovely Union League Club in Chicago where the National Federation of Press Women held their annual conference. I was there as a speaker, and as a conference "first-timer," and to have a great time networking and learning.I started off by...

    • andrea-stenberg1x1.jpg
      Andrea Stenberg

      If you're over 50 and starting a new business, marketing whiz Andrea Stenberg says there are some very crucial secrets to success that you may be missing out on.

    • AO 1x1_2.jpg
      This is Very Strange. And Very Cool.

      What do American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, CSI, Grey's Anatomy and AgeOP have in common? All were among the top 10 trending topics being discussed live on Twitter Thursday night.

    • Jackie Silver 4x3.jpg
      5 Questions With: Jackie Silver

      She's aging backwards -- and boy, does she look good! Jackie Silver has a passion for helping others, and she's embracing all the high-tech tools that are available. See why she's still dreaming big.

    • AO 4x3_2.jpg
      Growing Bolder and Breaking New/Old Ground on Twitter

      Despite the fact that less than 10 percent of online adults over the age of 50 use Twitter, a live chat focused on 50+ America nearly reached the top of Twitter trends -- a real-time gauge of the most popular topics.

    • justin-halpern1x1.jpg
      Justin Halpern

      After a bad break-up, 29-year-old struggling writer Justin Halpern moved home with his parents and started tweeting all the really funny and shockingly honest things his dad says. The result was the instant phenomenon $#*! My Dad Says.

    Viewing 1-10 of 151