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    • Sheryl Kurland,
      On Valentine's Day, Please Honor A Widow

      Do any of these unfortunate events remind you of a woman you know? A young military wife with toddlers got the dreaded knock on her door when her soldier-sweetheart was killed by a grenade blast in Afghanistan. A wife helplessly watched her husband shrink to a shell of himself as cancer ravaged his body. A best friend’s newly-retired husband collapsed on vacation...

    • Ina 29 juli 2011.jpg

      ~{}~ let’s just sit in the dunes by the sea nothing needs to be told we shelter each other from cold a ship in full sails to a far destiny as the waves sing their song like drawned sailors who died a long time ago or are they just seagulls crying let us stay by the sea and listen to them and don’t think at all about dying not yet ~{}~

    • You've been lying about your AGE???
      Finding Romance...in the every day

      Another Valentine’s Day rolls around, finding The Midlife Gals giving chocolates to each other. My Valentine Man is still circling around me out there in the ether, totally unaware that he’s honing in on a Texas Tornado, a hearty handfull...a beautiful midlifer who’s learned all the ‘how-not-to’s’ of relationship conundrums. When we’re both ready, we’ll appear to each other to...

    • Hello! I'm Osamu.
      What an unfair society!

      I'm recalling Valentine's Day. It seems like Valentine's Day was only yesterday. It seems like only yesterday. There were special displays for chocolate just for Valentine's Day at the department stores. In my family, my daughter got up early and made several boxes of chocolate with my wife. Handmade chocolates are usually preferred by the receiver, because it is a sign that the...

    • Candy-Hearts-4x3.jpg

    • Valentine's Day Contest.mov snap shot

    • latenightmuserjpg
      A lovely winter holiday

      If I were to ask you what holiday involves the greatest number of greeting cards being exchanged, I’m sure you would correctly answer Christmas. But if I asked you to name the second biggest holiday for sending cards, would you know? Well, in case you didn't, the answer is Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day. Over a billion cards are exchanged for that holiday. In years long...

    • renee-18A_B&W_FB.jpg
      Setting the mood

      TAMPA - Lou and Carol Radwanski know how to set a mood. The creative couple - Carol sells visual merchandising to department stores and theme parks, while Lou owns The Arrangement Florist - will be married 42 years next month. “We’re both workaholics,” Lou admits. “So we schedule a weekly date night and we share the chores. But the real secret to our marriage’s success is that...

    • Florence Henderson
      Picture of the Day and B'Days for Feb. 14

      Happy Valentine's Day! Some of the sweet people celebrating a birthday today include America's favorite mom Florence Henderson and NYC Mayor Bloomberg. Our picture of the day will get you in the mood for some lovin'.

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