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    • Marc Middleton.jpg
      Growing Bolder With the 105-Year-Old Virgin

      Every time someone has a 100th birthday or a 105th or a 110th, we all ask, “What’s the secret to your longevity?” A drink of whiskey every day. A cheerful heart. A loving spouse. Lots of vegetables. We’ve heard them all -- until now.When Clara Meadmore celebrated her 105th birthday this past weekend, she was asked the big question. Her answer? No sex. Ever. Clara attributes her long live...

    • Suzy Cohen
      Suzy Cohen

      Suzy Cohen talks to Growing Bolder about the increasing number of prescriptions flying out of doctors' offices these days and if generics really are as good as the "real thing."

    • Dr.-Weil-Cooks-4x3.jpg
      Ask Dr. Andrew Weil a Question!

      Dr. Andrew Weil is one of the best-known names in health and medicine, and he wants to know what's on YOUR mind!

    • Weights
      Want to Add 14 Years to Your Life?

      Researchers just released a list of some easy things you can do to live a longer, happier life.

    • Anti-ager Oleda Baker: CEO Oleda & Company, Inc.

      You might think the most important deterrent to brain cell deterioration is engaging in mind-bending games or doing the daily crossword puzzle. Taxing the brain and learning new skills are excellent activities, but they usually don’t get your heart rate up and pump blood to your brain cells. Perhaps the most striking brain research discovery of the last decade is that physical exercise can...

    • Anti-ager Oleda Baker: CEO Oleda & Company, Inc.
      Wage a War Against Memory Loss

      Health and wellness expert Oleda Baker says the mind is your most powerful weapon against aging. And she doesn't just think you should be playing word games. Find out why she says you need to sweat and eat to boost your brainpower.

    • Stephanie-Lucianovic1x1.jpg
      Stephanie Lucianovic

      Stephanie Lucianovic spent her whole life being afraid of certain foods. Now, she's a "recovering" picky eater. Find out what finally motivated her to change and how you can deal with the picky eaters in your life.

    • andrea-beaman1x1.jpg
      Andrea Beaman

      You've seen her on shows like Top Chef, but did you know that natural food expert Andrea Beaman says eating right actually cured her disease? Find out how.

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      Growing Bolder Radio Show: Dec. 4, 2010

      Stop blaming your parents! How well (or poorly) you age mostly depends on how you treat your body. Find out how to keep looking and feeling your best for the rest of your life.

    • Dr. Dean Ornish
      You Can Shut Down Cancer Genes in 3 Months!

      Major lifestyle changes including a better diet and more exercise not only helps you lose weight and lower your blood pressure - it actually results in dramatic changes at a genetic level.

    Viewing 41-50 of 61