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    • Tips to Increase Your Walking Schedule

      If you have found it challenging to stick to an exercise plan this past year, listen up! Routine exercise isn't just good for your physical health, new research has found when you ride a bike, hike, walk outdoors or do laps around an indoor walking track, and you’re also helping your memory. The takeaway message from new research is this: If you are over 50 and are having trouble sticking to a...

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      still walking in the fresh air

      Hi Everyone, I've been away from Growing Bolder for a while. But there is one thing that I'm still doing and that is walking. Remember I had said months ago that it is good to do some exercise at least 30 minutes a day every day. I have now been doing this for 600 straight days. I feel great and I get plenty of fresh air especially down here in Florida. It is good to get outside to...

    • renee-18A_B&W_FB.jpg
      Signs of urbanism

      Pssst - there’s a new movement afoot. Called “guerilla urbanism,” it involves citizens who change their cities without official approval. Consider Matt Tomasulo: Under cover of darkness, the 30-year-old placed 27 signs at intersections in Raleigh, NC, advising people how long it takes to walk from one destination to another. For example, one weatherproof vinyl sign reads, “It’s a 7...

    • December, 2011. Age 55. After a workout.
      The Hills ("Going For A Walk - Or Maybe A Sprint?")

      The other day was a non-training day. However, I felt the need to do some physical activity and decided to “go for a walk”. I had two choices: walk along the beach or take the hills. I chose the hills, which at the top offer a panoramic view of the beach and the Santa Monica Bay. Catalina Island was also visible. I re-booted my fitness regimen 4 years ago. Before the re-boot, the steepest...

    • Me 2011
      Back on Track

      This year, I've been very slack about exercising, and was disgusted with myself. I KNOW what I should be doing, I KNOW what I can do, and I also know that because I'm entirely alone, and 76 years old, I MUST keep up the exercise or lose mobility and independence. But still I didn't do it. I moved house in January, and that ended a three year period of intense uncertainty, because the...

    • shoes only get you so far

      If someone had told me two months ago that the cute puppy wriggling in my teenage son's arms would (1) bring my home reorganization to a screeching halt and (2) give me a bona fide case of whiplash, I might have thought twice. Or even three times.Oh, how hindsight is 20-20! Or, another way, how fools rush in where angels fear to tread!I just got back from being checked out at the clinic for...

    • Gretchen-Reynolds1x1.jpg
      Gretchen Reynolds

      If you think you have to run or exercise vigorously to reap the benefits of fitness, think again. One of the nation's top health reporters says a growing field of science shows doing small activities can lead to big health rewards. Find out more.

    • Hiking
      Paula Simon

      A housewife just wanted to lose 20 pounds. She ended up completing a 400-mile wilderness trek. Hear how she did it.

    • Lynn Tracey
      Lynn Tracey

      The year 2006 was a year filled with obstacles, but Lynn Tracey walked right past them. Even after the loss of her mother and a knee injury, Tracey went on to become America's best race walker over the age of 50.

    • Sean-VanGerena16x9.jpg
      Sean VanGerena

      In 2008, Sean VanGerena survived a horrendous car wreck that left him with a TBI, a broken neck and he then suffered multiple strokes. Now, he's on the U.S. paratriathlon team. His spirit, courage and attitude will inspire all of facing challenges.

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