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    • Bill Shafer..jpg
      What Would You Do For Your Son?

      After 80 days and 8,000 miles Glenn Fenster can rest. Growing bolder with every mile, the ride was far from easy. There were times he wondered if he would survive. He had to fight just to continue. The same kind of fight his son faces every single day. Nyle suffers from childhood epilepsy. You don’t know much about childhood epilepsy, do you? Either did Glenn. His...

    • come awn!
      Marketing Failure... sorta?

      I was on Facebook a short while ago, and one of the advertisements caught my eye. It wasn't the...

    • Duke Barrett 4x3.jpg
      5 Questions With: Duke Barrett

      Duke Barrett has seen more tragedy and hope in his life than many of us will ever be exposed to -- and in many cases, he saw both in one place: Vietnam. Now he's sharing the stories of other veterans in a haunting new book.

    • 512x512_MD_Avatar.jpg
      He can make them disappear

      I began writing this article in June, 2009. Today, I bring it up to date. In February of 2009, Chris George's car was found abandoned near a wooded area in Apopka, Florida. Also known as George Onda, family members and friends didn't think much of it because he often took off to go on drug-induced binges. Three weeks later, the family called Apopka police and a search ensued. One of the...

    • Roz-Savage-Book-Cover.jpg
      Day 66: Twin Imposters

      Roz Savage is a British ocean rower, author, motivational speaker and environmental campaigner. After 11 years as a management consultant, she embarked on a new life of adventure by rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic. Her unlikely transformation from office worker to ocean rower, described with humor and soul-baring honesty in her blogs, captivated a worldwide audience. Roz is now...

    • author.jpg
      My Health Care Day

      A Health Care day for me. September 18, 2009 I had an interesting day yesterday, not my...

    • Kande.jpg
      5 Questions With: Bob Creson

      It's never too late to make a difference in someone else's life. As president and chief executive officer of Wycliffe USA, it's Bob Creson's mission to help people all around the world learn more about religion, and get access to the Bible.

    • Rachel-Mercury16x9.jpg
      Romancing the Road

      This is an unusual love story involving an 89-year-old woman and her beloved Chariot. The two have been together for decades and traveled more than 540,000 miles across this nation's highways and side streets.

    Viewing 31-38 of 38