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    • 512x512_MD_Avatar.jpg
      Toe Jam

      One of the many health problems that people with diabetes face is neuropathy pain. It's one of...

    • sheri9.jpg
      Diets are Hogwash. Don't waste your money.

      The diet industry is huge. More than 40 billion is spent every year in the U.S. alone. Why? Because we want a magic bullet. We have tried everything and we continue to hope that the next diet fad, whatever it is, will be the thing that speaks to us, that sparks our weight loss and keeps us motivated. Is it going to work? no. It's hooey. Balderdash. Snake oil. Here's how I know. Every diet book,...

    • YUP! It's Laurie
      I think I have Stockholm syndrome..

      About 13 years ago I started to identify with my captors...YES! I was captivated by a little blue eyed fella' with white hair and a loopy grin! Immmediately I learned two things about him.....He didn't belong to me....As his grandmother, I belonged to HIM! If you left him in his play pen while his father baby sat....He would soon become to smell bad.....The kid, and the daddy....He was very due...

    • Roz-Savage-Book-Cover.jpg
      Day 66: Twin Imposters

      Roz Savage is a British ocean rower, author, motivational speaker and environmental campaigner. After 11 years as a management consultant, she embarked on a new life of adventure by rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic. Her unlikely transformation from office worker to ocean rower, described with humor and soul-baring honesty in her blogs, captivated a worldwide audience. Roz is now...

    • Growing Bolder
      Master's Sports Stars

      Older is bolder. Check out our interviews with many of the top masters athletes in the world. These men and women are having the best times of their lives as they turn in the best times of their lives.

    • Executive Producer Katy Widrick 2.jpg
      The Intergenerational Smackdown

      In this corner … we have the men and women in the 55+ age category, representing the Villages Aquatic Swim Team. Wearing dark swim suits and yellow swim caps, the swimmers weigh in between 100 and 300 pounds, and come ready to rock. They cheer: "this is about revenge!" They taunt: "you ready to take on the geezers?" And they show off their stuff: "check out these muscles!" In this corner...

    • Jaws 16x9.jpg
      Lucky's Jaws Swim

      Da-Dum. Da-da-Da-Dum. In the summer of 1975, the movie "JAWS" terrorized nearly everyone who saw it. Our pal, Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer is finally ready to conquer his fear. And he wants company.

    • 512x512_MD_Avatar.jpg
      The Psychic Hit Parade

      The following is a list of what supposed psychics had to say to Crimeline, OCSO and ACISS about Caylee Anthony's whereabouts within days and weeks of her publicized disappearance in mid-July, 2008. This list is only for the last two weeks in July. Of course, she was last seen a month earlier, but at the time of these reports, she was merely listed as a missing child. No one actually knew she was...

    • Aaron's Pics 001.jpg
      What is "Freedom in Christ" REALLY?

      The Yoke's On You: Slavery to Sin or Freedom in Christ By Aaron Welch, LMHC, NCCGod has really been speaking to me lately. Yes, really. Amazing as it sounds for a man who has been a Christian for 31 years, I am just now learning that God still speaks to us, if we will only listen. For years, I don’t think I fully believed this…..that we could really hear the Lord’s voice. I just thought...


    Viewing 291-300 of 348