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    • Pete3.JPG
      Overland Camping Trip through Botswana & Namibia

      Introduction During the weekend 16/17 October 2004 we decided to take a three-week break and undertake a camping trip through the portions of Southern Africa known as Botswana including the world-renowned Okavango Delta and the northern portion of Namibia. Since we live in Pinetown, about 20 Km by road from the city of Durban on the Eastern Coast of South Africa, this would involve a...

    • Marsha-Bemko1x1.jpg
      Marsha Bemko

      "Antiques Roadshow" executive producer Marsha Bemko describes the quirky show's unlikely success and explains the surprising effect the recession has had on the show.

    • shoes only get you so far
      GB writer, GB reviewer!

      The world of cyberspace is so amazingly and randomly connected, and can lead to such surprises!...

    • Sand Magic.mov snap shot
      Created Right Before Your Eyes

      This will take you all the way back to your childhood and the fun you had in the sandbox! Only this will blow your mind in sort of a trippy, rear screen at the Filmore East kind of way!

    • swimmer-3x4.jpg
      Edgar Larson

      Swimmer Edgar Larson wouldn’t let a major medical episode get in the way of his passion. The 85-year-old worked his way back to health and won nine gold medals along the way.

    • NSLPN.tiff
      Bioequivalence/Bioavailability and Generic Drugs

      I worked in medical drug research way back when Generics were just gaining popularity because...

    • Rita Simonton.jpg
      Rita Simonton

      She's the fastest distance swimmer in United States history (wait for it!) over the age of 90!

    • Ken-Dychtwald1x1.jpg
      Ken Dychtwald

      Are you in your middlescence? One of the world's top experts on all things aging says now more than ever, it's important that you learn how to stay relevant throughout your entire life.

    • susan-powter1x1.jpg
      Susan Powter

      The woman who urged us to "stop the insanity" dropped off the national radar 10 years ago. She's back with a new look, a new platform but the same powerful message: there are no shortcuts in life.

    • Barry-Livingston1x1.jpg
      Barry Livingston

      Barry Livingston is a survivor. He didn't have cancer, wasn't in an accident and didn't get hurt. But he survived something much more unlikely -- being a child star in Hollywood. And decades later, his career is still alive and still going strong.

    Viewing 1-10 of 18