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    • Harris Rosen's Prescription for America

      He's one of the nation's top tourism executives but his true legacy is how he's changing -- and saving -- the lives of thousands. Find out why he thinks his revolutionary healthcare and education programs can be done anywhere.

    • Marlin-Hutchens16x9.jpg
      GB Partners With Walgreens to Distribute GB Magazine

      We're thrilled to announce that beginning with the January 2013 issue, Growing Bolder Magazine will be available in Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Lake counties at more than 100 Walgreens!

    • Dwight Bain Life Coaching tips
      Wellness formula to a better life with positive change

      Growing Stronger through Change By Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor & Certified Life Coach Change is the only constant element in business and life, so if you haven’t gotten used to it, start now. I say this for the benefit of the many people, (including me) that really don’t care for major life changes...who does? Since most of us are creatures...

    • dragonboat-shelly-lake16x9.jpg
      Enter the Dragon

      How long does it take to turn a good idea into a great program? Not long when great people combine forces with great organizations. What began as a weekend event for a few cancer survivors is now a year-round wellness program for an entire community.

    • December, 2011. Age 55. After a workout.
      Be Proactive: It's Your Health and Your Life

      Prior to my New Year's Day workout at Gold's Gym Venice, California, I ate at a restaurant that I frequent. (In fact, I started eating there in 1994. So, this new year of 2014 marks our 20th anniversary as restaurant and customer!) My pre-workout meal consisted of trout, scrambled egg whites, steamed spinach, one slice of rye toast, ice tea, and water. That is a special order that you won't find...

    • Amy Korn-Reavis
      Why do 9 Million People Need Sleeping Pills

      There was an article recently that stated that 9 million people are receiving prescriptions for sleeping pills. This shows the true issue with healthcare in America. We want an instant solution and we do not want to do any work. We also do not consider that medication does not give us the same type of sleep natural sleep gives the body. The issue is why do we need to take pill to sleep...

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      Growing Bolder Radio Show: Jan. 16, 2010

      This week's guests include de-clutter expert Ciji Ware; Gretchen Rubin, the leader of the Happiness Project; yoga guru and life coach Dave Romanelli and we go Inside the Story with a girl honoring her mother's memory with lemonade stands.

    • H100-Min16x9.jpg
      Healthy 100 Minute: Choosing Health

      Your choices matter when it comes to health. It's not up to your doctors or the government. It's up to you and your family. Find out how to choose a healthy way of living and stop the trend of diseases.

    Viewing 31-40 of 63