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    • Wendy Booker
      Wendy Booker

      Rather than letting MS define her, Wendy Booker is defying the disease by climbing the world's 7 tallest mountains.

    • cancer-radio-guests.jpg
      Life After Illness

      After any diagnosis, it may seem as if your life as you know it is over. But we've talked to countless survivors, experts and doctors and they all agree on one powerful message: your attitude can save your life.

    • Wendy Booker
      Surviving and Climbing

      Rather than letting MS slow her down, Wendy Booker was motivated to become the first woman with the disease to conquer the world's seven summits.

    • Everest
      The Climb of a Lifetime

      Many try -- not all succeed. But it seems that these days, the biggest names in mountain climbing are people over the age of 50! In fact, a group of 70-year-olds is hoping to smash the record for climbing Mount Everest.

    Viewing 1-4 of 4