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    • justin-halpern1x1.jpg
      Justin Halpern

      After a bad break-up, 29-year-old struggling writer Justin Halpern moved home with his parents and started tweeting all the really funny and shockingly honest things his dad says. The result was the instant phenomenon $#*! My Dad Says.

    • ben_stiller_madagascar1.jpg.jpeg
      Lost Screen Test: Ben Stiller as Captain Kirk

      Was William Shatner lucky to get the part of a lifetime? He might not have if Ben Stiller was a little older! Here's what might have been if Stiller had played the fabled Starship Captain!

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      Growing Bolder Radio Show: Oct. 2, 2010

      Are you looking out for yourself and your needs? Find out how simply following your dreams and focusing on your passions can change the world.

    Viewing 1-3 of 3