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    • Jeremy-Bloom1x1.jpg
      Jeremy Bloom

      Jeremy Bloom made his sports dreams come true -- he's a three-time World Champion skiier, two-time Olympian, college football All-American and retired NFL player. And now, he's making lifelong wishes come true for those 80 and older. Find out why.

    • Phil Raschker
      Philippa Raschker

      She's the greatest female athlete in the world over the age of 60, and some say she may be the greatest female athlete of all time.

    • Swimmer
      Karen Einsidler

      For anyone who's ever considered giving up, you have to hear the story of Karen Einsidler, who went from a double mastectomy to a world championship.

    • Kate-Walker1x1.jpg
      Kate Walker

      Five years ago, Kate Walker was dealing with the painful effects of osteoporosis and her doctors warned she may never walk again. Rather than accepting that, she decided to get stronger. Today, she's a world champion weightlifter.

    • Sandy-Scott-16x9.jpg
      Bonus Feature: Sandy Scott

      73-year-old Sandy Scott is known as a superman on a bicycle -- a world champion athlete and inspiration to cyclists of all ages. After a crash nearly killed him, see why he is more positive about life than ever.

    • The Joy/Pain of Time Trialing!!
      Do We Pay a Medical Price to be Elite Athletes?

      Do We Pay a Medical Price to be Elite Athletes? If you are a person who exercises regularly, you are undoubtedly aware of Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the founder of the Aerobics Center in Dallas, TX and the person who some believe started the exercise revolution in the 70s with his book “Aerobics.” Dr. Cooper has considerably changed his recommendations regarding exercise intensity over the...

    • Marc-Middleton-hurdles1x1.jpg
      GB's Marc Middleton Comes Off 40-Year Layoff to Take Bronze at USA Masters Track and Field Championships

      Just months after winning two individual national championships in US Masters Swimming and setting three world records with his BluFrog swimming teammates, Marc Middleton has placed third in the 2012 USA Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships.

    • Diamond-Dallas-Page1x1.jpg
      Diamond Dallas Page

      You do not have to be a wrestling fan to be a fan of Diamond Dallas Page. He's one of the all-time great professional wrestlers but now he's found a new purpose and passion -- helping people change their lives dramatically through yoga! He explains.

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