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    • Alene-Duerk16x9.jpg
      Alene Duerk

      Alene Duerk is a true American pioneer. She shares the fascinating story of how she rose through the ranks, from registered nurse to becoming the nation's first rear admiral. Now 94, she's still as passionate and engaged as ever.

    • dday-normandy1x1.jpg
      Dr. John Linnear

      The man who pioneered bariatric surgery may have made a much bigger impact on the world in his youth - he was part of the D-Day invasion.

    • Will Cantrell 1.2.JPG
      The Lost Art of the Bodacious Cover-up

      How long’s it been now? Since there’s been a good one … a really good one? Not some ‘governor lying that he’ was lost on the Appalachian Trail but was really on a love rendezvous in Argentina’ type ruse. (Despite the South American connection, the story is far too local.) Certainly, not one of those tepid Medicare payment scams. Instead, I’m talking about shenanigans of...

    • Tim-Gray1x1.jpg
      Tim Gray

      A lot of people are interested in World War II, but not many people can bring it to life in vivid new ways. Documentary maker Tim Gray is racing to tell the stories of the veterans who saved the world.

    • Angela-Perverski16x9.jpg
      Rosie the Riveters Get Their Respect

      While 18-year-old boys were fighting in World War ll to save the world from Nazis, teenage girls fulfilled their patriotic duty by working in factories buildings planes and war supplies. One of the original Rosie the Riveters tells her story.

    • Tuskegee-Airmen16x9.jpg
      Tuskegee Airmen: Leaving a Legacy

      The Tuskegee Airmen have been immortalized for their heroism in WWII. They fought two wars, one against the Axis powers, the other against prejudice at home. Fewer than 50 Red Tail pilots are alive today, so we jumped at the chance to meet three.

    • Joanie-Schirm16x9.jpg
      Discovery of a Lifetime

      Joanie Schirm always knew there was more to her family history than what she had learned from her parents. When they passed away, she made a remarkable discovery in an old desk. It was a discovery that sent her on the adventure of a lifetime.

    • Betty-Wall16x9.jpg
      At 91, This WASP Can Still Sting

      Betty Wall was one of a handful of female pilots in World War II. After the war, she thought that part of her life was over. But then she realized she owed it to her friends -- and herself -- to make sure we never forgot about their contributions.

    • Joe-Bonsall-red1x1.jpg
      Joe Bonsall

      For nearly 40 years, he has been a lead voice in one of most successful bands in history -- the Oak Ridge Boys. In his new book, Joe Bonsall shares what he's learned about the importance of being quiet.

    • Joanie-Book-2-16x9.jpg
      Adventurers Against Their Will: By Joanie Schirm*

      In 1939, the world was erupting into violence and the Nazis were invading Czechoslovakia. Families were shattered and life or death decisions had to be made in an instant, an experience shared by author Joanie Schirm after an incredible discovery.

    Viewing 1-10 of 36