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Growing Bolder Article

What Do You Think Of The Internet?

Posted July 11, 2008, 10:31 am
Growing Bolder asks leaders, thinkers, writers, life coaches, entertainers and role models to weigh in on issues affecting our lives.

Our question is: What Do You Think Of The Internet?

Don Craig Don Craig
The Internet- What can I say that hasn't already been said or written. I use it everyday and find information on most any subject within minutes. It is so easy to get answers to questions that may have been bugging you for awhile. 

I also use the Internet for International calls. My son was recently in Europe and I was able to talk to him daily for FREE using my computer to his computer via the Skype Network. I have a camera mounted on my desktop and my son has one on his laptop so we can actually talk to each other. Did I mention it's FREE!! You an also call from your computer to a land line or cell phone for a very reduced rate as well. It's a pretty slick system. 

The other thing I do is search for things I need on eBay. It's very fun and and you can usually find the item you're looking for at a good or better price than in the stores. Or I'll do my research on different items. Then when I go to a store to buy, I'm a lot more knowledgeable and know what questions to ask. 

I check the value on my car through Kelly Bluebook, research airfares, travel plans, new locations to visit, and anything you can think of. It's a great tool and I'm glad I have the ability to use it. I am a very avid Surfer and I use Surfline.com to check the live video feeds to see if it's worth going surfing or I should wait until later in the day.

About Don Craig
A few years ago, professional surfer Don Craig wanted to honor his father. So, he created a simple bumper sticker with a surfboard and the phrase "Old Guys Rule." It's a message that apparently has struck a chord across the nation. That bumper sticker has now evolved into a multi-million dollar sportswear company. Craig's surfer dad ruled, and now his company, "Old Guys Rule" targets people just like him. At first the company was geared toward surf shops, but now Craig is expanding to include everything from golf to motorcycles to all kinds of active lifestyles.

Wendy-Reid-Crisp-1x1.jpg Wendy Reid Crisp
I use the internet about 6-7 hours a day, five days a week, and I have for about 5 years. I blog, run a Web site of my own, work on the GRAND magazine site, have another Web site client, read other blogs, e-mail, research articles and speeches, read the news, develop links for articles in GRAND magazine, etc. 

 Often, I watch videos or (much less often) listen to the radio on the net. I have not only bought thousands and thousands of dollars of stuff on the net. I sold about $10,000 worth of things on eBay, and that doesn't include the HOUSE in Minnesota my husband and I sold on eBay. 

Did I mention I met my husband (of 9 years) on Yahoo! Personals? I'm on Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn and a few lesser known social networking sites and I never use them unless I need to find someone for professional reasons. I don't see a need for social networking. 

I live in a very small town, and I'm over-peopled. I have also posted several videos I made on YouTube; for a while, I had a daily news show called, The News with Nana that was about world events. Only one of those videos is still live (plus another biographical one I did for a friend).

About Wendy Reid Crisp
For over 30 years she was a writer, magazine editor, book publisher and public speaker, and has just found her favorite job of all. As editor-in-chief of Grand Magazine, she is dedicated to celebrating, assisting and documenting the changing role of grandparents in today's society. She is a novelist and author who's editorials have been published in newspapers across the country. Celebrating sixty as the age of independence, she wrote the book, When I Grow Up I Want To Be Sixty, which is a follow up to her other must-read book, 100 Things I'm Not Goin to Do Now That I'm Over 50. Both present a series of fun-filled and wise life lessons for all of us about love, support, respect.

Sister Madonna Buder Sister Madonna Buder
I avoid the internet as much as possible for sanity's sake. Must make use of email in order to keep communication rolling since few know what snail mail is anymore except sollictitors and they do a good job! 

However, I do not and do not intend to own a computer. It is definitely NOT a time saver or paper saver. Do you think they will come up with a "green" computer one of these days!!! Needless to say, I get my exercise going to and from the library either running or biking. That's the extent of my computer use!

About Sister Madonna Buder
She started running at age 48. That was thirty years ago! She found running to be a panacea with the power to cure depression and harmonize the mind. Her first long distance race was the Boston Marathon. Since, she's run dozens of marathons and hundreds of triathlons. She's raised thousands of dollars for charities and has motivated countless people to get in shape, to have faith and to overcome their challenges. Sister Madonna says even at the age of 78 she has no intention of slowing down.

Terri Dennis Terri Dennis
I love the internet and believe it is the future of commerce that will far outstrip brick and mortar retail in the coming years. The internet opens the world up, the good and the bad, but it provides choice and opportunity for those who use it wisely. 

Since I am building a new "late life" enterprise on the internet via my websites, blogs and online stores I am on the internet nearly 18 hours a day - working! I do some personal e-mails and view a few YouTubes and a little social networking, but most of what I do is geared towards marketing my brand, PopArtDiva. I have a MySpace, a Facebook, a Growing Bolder, a YouTube, multiple art social site profiles, Linked In, Technorati and a score of others. 

I have 8 blogs - 7 of which are business. I have just purchased 3 more domain names, have plans for books that complement my blogs and sites, have written e-articles for sale at Payloadz, have done audio tutorials, plan video tutorials and several other ideas are percolating - all with respect to the internet. I not only buy on the internet, I sell on the internet via my website, my CafePress stores, and various other sites.

About Terri Dennis
The Pop Art Diva is an artist unlike any other. She's a baby boomer and proud of it! So proud, that even though she grew up during the Golden Age of TV, Rock 'N Roll and other classics of American Pop Culture she has embraced modern technology to advance her art. She's found the computer to be a great tool to feed her passion in art inspired by pop culture. She's also fascinated in how American history relates to pop culture mythology and understanding the influence it's had on our society.

Lou Whitney Lou Whitney
I use the internet for almost everything. My primary use is for my business, which is designing and maintaining websites. About eight years ago I started BizWebs USA, which was a spinout from my other company, ProSports USA. I have actually been designing websites since 1991, just after I retired from industry, but sports marketing and promotion was my primary business and I would do the occasional website on the side. 

In addition to using the internet for business, I have become dependent on the internet to do most everything. I monitor my finances on the internet, as well as pay my bills. It is my primary source of news and information. I use it for directions to places that I have never been. It is becoming a prime source for buying and selling things. Of paramount importance, It has become my source of learning new things and technologies. 

 How did we ever get along without the internet for the past hundreds of years? I'm not big on websites that are general networking in nature, such as My Space and Facebook, but have found several such sites helpful in finding people for class reunions, such as Classmates.com and Reunions.com. The WhitePages.com website is also a frequently used resource. I do have a few favorite websites that are on my daily check list, and they are, for the most part, oriented to my interests, such as motorcycling and what's new in website design. 

Also, since Growing Bolder was introduced to me, it is also on my daily check list. GB is an intriguing concept and is so much more than just another networking website. It is so interesting to learn about people of my own age that are still active both physically and mentally. It gives me the incentive to do even more wild and crazy things. I do blog on the sites mentioned above.

About Lou Whitney
At 72, Lou does things not many people at any age can do. Whitney is not only a pioneer in Veterans Motocross racing -- he's a competitor. Whitney is a part of the fastest growing division of the sport, and staged the Veterans Motocross Championships in February of 2008. He also does another type of riding -- adventure riding. He goes on an annual ride to places like Mexico, the West Coast and Canada.

Christine Scwab Christine Schwab
I adore the internet and I use it on a daily basis. I use it or everything from information to banking to movies to books to shipping and even for blogging and research for my writing. 

I am a proud member of Growing Bolder, so I have no need for MySpace or Facebook. I blog regularly on my own Web site as well. I've bought quite a few things on the internet from regular stores and also from e-bay. I also buy most of my books and music on the internet. 

I love having the stores at my fingertips, the trailers for all the movies, listening to songs before I purchase them, reading reviews before I purchase books and getting news from all the sources. I feel that anyone who doesn't embrace the internet is missing out. I own a mac and I purchased their one-to-one classes which I go to on a weekly basis. I have learned so much!

About Christine Schwab
Turning forty, fifty, or sixty is not about getting older, it's about becoming ageless. Renowned style expert and television fashion reporter Christine Schwab sees aging as an opportunity to revitalize your style and enliven your attitude. In her frank, opinionated, and provocative style, she wrote "The Grownup Girl's Guide to Style", a book that defies many of the fashion and beauty industry philosophies. In this honest and empowering book, she offers the first open-minded approach to style, beauty, health, and well-being that will help every forty-plus woman achieve a classic look while maintaining her edge and personality.

Ed Shadle Ed Shadle
In some ways it has improved our level of communication throughout the world but in some ways it has become a dangerous tool. It has also decreased our children's (grandchildren) ability to read and write. 

By making things to easy, it limits ones ability to exercise the brain. It is much like allowing students to use calculators to solve mathamatic problems during final exams. The person's ability to conduct deep thinking is not tested or exercised. Learning to fly an airplane via computer simulation is not at all like learning to fly the real thing if you take the consequences of mistakes out of the formula.

About Ed Shadle
At age 60, Ed Shadle is a speed demon who's attempting to steal something the British have had for 20 years -- the world land speed record. And he plans on doing it with a jet-powered car he created himself. Shadle, who worked with IBM for 30 years, created the car from an old fighter plane. The North American Eagle is an old Lockheed F-104 Starfighter that he modified to not lift off the ground. But Shadle doesn't want to be the driver of the car when the record attempt is made in Nevada, so he's looking for a driver by holding an essay contest. Shadle says the car will go up 800 mph, which is more than half of the speed of the old airplane that flew 1,400 mph.

Anita Weber Anita Weber
I couldn't live without the internet - if my cable is out for an hour, I am in a panic. I am always on line and use it whenever I come across a topic that I want to know more about. I must sit down there at least 10-times a day. 

I loved going to libraries and doing research. Now, I have the largest library in the world in my home. I have a brother in Juneau, Alaska, a sister in Las Vegas, Nevada and a sister in New York City. My four children and eight grandchildren live on Long Island. With the internet, I feel like they are constantly in my home. 

We never miss a beat in sharing life experiences. I am a member of Growing Bolder which I very much enjoy, especially since they featured our independent film festival. I do use the internet for convenient purchasing.

About Anita Weber
Watch out Sundance because there's a new film fest guru who is focused on a whole new generation of filmmakers. Anita Weber is the coordinator of the Independent Film Club of The Villages' inaugural filmmakers showcase. The film fest features a collection of documentaries, dramas, animated films and shorts submitted by members of The Villages or their family and friends. Many of the filmmakers are over 50 and smashing stereotypes about what first-time directors and producers look like. Anita gives them the opportunity for exposure to a larger audience.

Bobbe Lyon Bobbe Lyon
I love the internet. I use it every single day. I google everything I'm wondering about or searching for. I check my email morning and night.; I get the NY Times digest of the news, Reader's Digest jokes, Happy News Headlines, etc. 

I am delighted to say I am a charter member of Growing Bolder. I love the concept and the people. I have a spot on MySpace. I guess it's time I started a blog. I buy lots of stuff on the internet from books to bathing suits to cosmetics. I buy gift certificates for my Grand Cubs on the Internet.

About Bobbe Lyon
Bobbe Lyon, M.D. (mirth dispenser) is a believer and practicioner in the power of humor. She thought her life was over at age 45 when her husband died. After wallowing in despair, humor became her primary tool for survival. It worked so well the Laughing Lyon earned a BA in Journalism and an MA in Counseling. Soon she decided to take her humorous ideas public. She has been a National Speaker ever since.

Pat Bond Pat Bond
Once in awhile I search for something, or visit a specific site because I am interested in learning more about something or other. I have visited Growing Bolder, but not My Space or Face Book. I do not read or participate in blogs. 

I rarely purchase anything over the Internet because of my lack of trust that transactions are confidential. I have had enough trouble with my credit card just paying for dinner and gasoline. Why should I ask for any more trouble? My favorite web sites are CBSNews and USAToday. They have great daily crossword puzzles and Sudoku. 

 I usually check the stock market and sometimes even the weather. I have to admit to being technically challenged, but the other problem is that if you use the computer you have to sit down and I don't like to do that--I am a perpetual motion machine and don't come to rest except at night.

About Pat Bond
If working out is something new to you, you're not alone! Patricia didn't get serious about it until she was in her 40s. She stuck with it, and before she knew it, fitness had changed her life in more ways than she ever expected. She wasn't the only one who noticed. She was chosen Florida Senior Athlete of the Year back in 1999 and she's still going strong. Swimming and cycling are the events she says help her live her life to the fullest.

Nancy Merz Nordstrom Nancy Nordstrom
I love the Internet and use it every day, not only in my work but for my personal edification, as well. Whenever I learn about someone or some place new, I immediately go to the Internet to find out more. It truly is the Information Superhighway! Not only am I a member of Growing Bolder and blog there regularly, I also blog on www.eons.com, www.successtelevision.com, www.egenerations.com, www.myspace.com, www.blogger.com which feeds directly into my web site at www.learninglater.com. I purchase everything, from clothes, to books, to household items on line, all the time. My husband and I have found items we needed that would have required long, gas-guzzling searches in the car. My favorite web site is www.google.com.

About Nancy Nordstrom
Nancy is proof that it's never too late. She didn't publish her first book, much less even write it until she turned 61. And what a book it is! Learning Later, Living Greater will help you transform your retirement years into a personal renaissance of education, personal growth and social engagement. Nancy is the diredtor of the Elderhostel Institute Network, the largest educational organization for older adults in America. She is an expert on lifelong learning, something she believes is critical for anyone over the age of 50 who is interested in living a more fulfilling life.

Sherrie Mathieson Sherrie Mathieson
I think it's the best and worst thing ever... I depend on it for quick information, communication and as an auxilliary "voice" and presence in the world. And I do mean the world... that's the incredible part. However lots of bad information, hate, hostility and criminal activity has found it's way to the ultimate Pandora's Box. It also further compounds the real problem of intellectual property... no sooner are you posted, than you are copied. It's impossible to remain original in this day of such total exposure. I'm a member of GB, Facebook and LinkedIn. I blog as often as possible on my personal website and have contributed to Growing Bolder and BoomerGirl (for fashion/style). I've bought all sorts of things from books to household items on the net. I love Daily Candy and BoomerGirl but I surf quite a bit for news and subjects of interest to me.

About Sherrie Mathieson
She's made an indelible mark as an award winning Costume Designer and Fashion Stylist. You've seen her work in countless feature films, TV shows, music videos, commercials and print. She's styled Academy Award winning actors, sports figures, rock stars and many others. Now, she's offering to style you! Sherrie created a manual to help bring you and your clothes into the 21st century. Her book, "Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful and Modern Personal Style" is tailor made to give baby boomers a tailored look!

Wanda Urbanska Wanda Urbanska
In response to your questions about the internet, I would say that as an advocate of simplicity and simple living, I'm a slow adapter of new technologies. So I wasn't the first to jump on the internet bandwagon. However, the internet is here to stay, and who can question the fact that it's an amazing tool! So as the years have gone by, I, like the rest of Americans and people worldwide, have begun to use it more and more and at the same time have grown more dependent on it. As a journalist, I remember starting out in my career in the 1970s and it would take hours to research stories at the library -- to obtain information you can now glean in moments. It's so much easier to check a movie schedule -- or restaurant menu -- on the internet than with a phone call. The only downside is what happens when the system crashes. We feel utterly helpless. But all told, I believe the internet is a great democratizer and a positive force.

About Wanda Urbanska
Wanda is a television host who really practices what she preaches. She believes in simplifying life. She and her husband moved out of the city and and headed for life in small town North Carolina. Urbanska is the host of the "Simple Living" show on PBS and she's also the author of three books on the subject. She and her husband wrote their first book of the same name in 1992 and haven't stopped downsizing since. She's a Harvard graduate who has written for big-time papers like the Washington Post and LA Times.

Ted Skup Ted Skup
The internet has bought the world to our door. Sharing information and ideas across the globe brings us all closer together and evens the playing field for everyone.

About Ted Skup
He believes that with obesity levels at an all-time high, fitness needs be a national priority. He says despite the fact we have an arsenal of exercise options at our disposal, the ultimate choice is, the simple push-up. Skup takes on the 35-billion-dollar fitness industry and explains why it is failing us, with its bogus claims, magic bullets, and quick fixes. Although the fitness industry may not want to hear it, push-ups are free, no equipment, no gimmicks and totally portable. He is the author of Death, Taxes & Push-ups.

Jack Lawrence Jack Lawrence
I use the internet a lot, I think it's a great asset. It carries my Web site which has now had over 9,000 visitors. I also use it for references, looking up all sorts of information, for google, etc. I am not a member of any particular group. Truth is I'm not really interested in voicing my opinions or reading others. I don't blog, I don't buy anything on the internet, I have no favorite websites - - - might look up some special one when I'm seeking direct information.

About Jack Lawrence
Jack was born in 1912. After seven decades in the entertainment industry as a composer and lyricist for the greatest bands, singers, movies and plays of the 20th century, he has joined the cyberspace age! He's been nominated for an Academy Award, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970. He wrote Dinah Shore's first record, he wrote Frank Sinatra's first hit, Rosemary Clooney's trademark song, he wrote Beyond The Sea for Bobby Darin and wrote songs for close to a dozen Broadway plays. He's written an amazing autobiography entitled, Bing, Frank, Ella, Tony, Dinah, Nat, Patty, Maxene and LaVerne, They All Sang My Songs.

Dotsie Bregel Dotsie Bregel
As Founder of the number one sites for "baby boomer women" on major search engines, www.BoomerWomenSpeak.com, I couldn't live without the internet. My business is virtual so I sit behind the computer for hours on end and absolutely love the way it allows me to connect with the greatest generation of women ever - baby boomers. The funny thing is that I was once intimidated by computers. Having been a stay-at-home mom for years, I had been out of the work force and left behind concerning technology. All I did was take an Introduction to Computers class at a local community college and I've never looked back. Learning new technology is empowering. I have joined a couple networking sites but can't keep up with them because I spend way too much time in the 60-plus forums at www.boomerwomenspeak.com. However, I know networking sites are doing great things for businesses. They are well worth it if you have the time. I blog on a couple sites for others, but do not have my own blog. In addition to work I use the internet to research, keep up with the news, shop, plan vacations, and stay in touch with family and friends. I also use it to listen to educational teleseminars.

About Dotsie Bregel
Since launching her Web site, BoomerWomenSpeak.com several years ago, Dotsie has been connecting, encouraging, and supporting boomer women on a daily basis. With her finger on the pulse of this spirited generation, Dotsie has learned that boomer women desire to feel empowered and enriched. She has dedicated her career to creating opportunities that inspire women to explore their passions and live them to the fullest. Her goal is to embrace all women and provide them with the means to soar.

Howard-Stone-1x1.jpg Howard Stone
The internet is an essential component of our business to educate boomers and beyond how to craft a life that matters after transitioning from full time work. Essentially we're about empowering mature adults to grow bolder, and not to waste their gifted years on trivia. I use it consistently during working hours to run our business, and to update my knowledge of world events and the baseball scores. I leave TV news to those that enjoy being scared out of their wits. I am a proud member of Growing Bolder. Because of that, I have no need for My Space or Facebook. I do have a blog I hope you'll all look at. You'll find it at http://2young2retire.com/wp/

About Howard Stone
With Americans living longer, healthier lives, the conventional idea of retirement is obsolete. Millions of Americans are working past the age of sixty-five - not because they have to, but because they want to. Many, like Howard and his wife Marika, discover second careers, start their own businesses, or go back to school. Howard enjoyed a long career in international advertising sales and magazine publishing before he became a certified life coach at age sixty-four. Marika is the editorial director of 2young2retire.com and has been a journalist, English teacher, public relations account executive, and small business owner. She is also a certified Kripalu yoga teacher.

Ronnie Bennett Ronni Bennett
The web is now an irreplaceable part of everyone's life. So much is done online now that anyone not connected can't possibly keep up with business, culture, the arts, politics, etc. About the only thing it doesn't do is cook a meal - but you can order delivery of one over the internet. I use the web every day for everything but food shopping: staying in contact with friends, news from the zillion international newspapers and magazines, banking/bill paying, shopping, research, fact checking, telephone, politics, driving directions, airline/train booking, video/TV watching, music downloads. The only thing I can think of that the internet is really lousy at is finding phone numbers. I keep two daily blogs and participate only minimally in Facebook, Twitter and other social sites; it takes me 7/365 to manage the community at my blogs. But mostly, the social sites have no value for me. In terms of personal writing, I prefer the complete sentences and whole thoughts that are available on blogs.

About Ronni Bennett
This innovator and originator was a producer for every major network. She produced 20/20 and The Barbara Walters Specials. She was the first managing editor at cbsnews.com where she realized something that stunned her: She had no idea what to expect from life as she got older. Reporting on the aspects of aging became her passion. She believes aging is fascinating and even mysterious. Her blog, Time Goes By is a must read for anyone interested in Growing Bolder!

Shirley Mitchell Shirley W. Mitchell
The Internet is a HUGE part of my life.  I love it! The Internet is phenomenal as a tool to broaden my world.  I use it more everyday as I research for my writing, and now that we have so many Web sites up on the Internet, I am seeing myself viewing them more as well, as I never know what my Webmaster is going to add next! It may seem odd to talk about saving time on the Internet. Thinking back to 15 years ago, the Internet was just starting to burst into mainstream America. The speed and reach of the Internet was mind-boggling at that time. Now we've come so far with the technology that we actually find ourselves wanting better and faster results. Through the skillful guidance of my Agent-Director-Producer, who is also my Webmaster, my career has a world wide audience! The Internet expands the borders of my life giving me endless opportunities and contacts.  Plus, I can keep in touch with what my competition is doing as well! A well designed web site can be a superb tool for communicating with customers, prospective customers, suppliers and the wider community. Through my Live Internet Radio Show, "Aging Outside the Box", my "Guests" and I have the opportunity to speak to people in 132 Countries  every Wednesday night - that is Amazing I think! And my Web sites are getting millions of hits daily. That is just unimaginable to me!  We have come far and will go farther soon as well. And as an author, it provides me with more avenues to sell my books and obtain speaking engagements. Being a NEWS JUNKIE, I love the instant news received over the Internet.  The convenience of receiving information such as maps, weather, what's playing at the movie, etc. is a plus for my busy schedule. Writing my books, articles, and letters are more professional through Microsoft Word and Word Perfect. As well - We all too often forget how we get where we are in Cyberspace - we must give credit to the Search Engines and Directories for placing us in their databases , context and links for us to be seen.

About Shirley W. Mitchell
After 7 decades on this earth, Shirley has more energy than people half her age! She's the author of Fabulous after 50, Sensational after 60, and a number of other highly motivating reads. She's the host of radio's Aging Outside the Box. She is an internet tour de force, with a number of web sites of her own. She is a passionate member of Growing Bolder where her user name is Fabulous (be sure to send her a note!). Shirly is proof of the philosophy she spreads, that age is just a number, not a limit. 

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  • Ann2-13.jpg
    Posted 9:42pm July 15th, 2008
    I think the internet is fantastic and amazing how it works.  I love it because it has renewed friendships with classmates from 1964.  I can work from home when I need to.  My husbands business is done strictly over the internet as he deals with clients all over the world.  My business is done through the internet as well, designing and maintaining websites. I have made lots of new friends over the internet, like the friends on growing bolder and all my Red Hat buddies.  I enjoy the free online games on yahoo.  And last but not least, shopping online.  I tell my husband I'm going shopping and sit down at the computer.  No lines and no high gas prices.


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