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Growing Bolder Article

What If You Were Bolder?

Posted April 29, 2008, 2:14 pm
Growing Bolder asks leaders, thinkers, writers, life coaches, entertainers and role models to weigh in on issues affecting our lives.

Our question is: How would your life be different if you were ten times bolder than you are right now?

Ken Smith Kenneth Smith
If I were 10 times bolder, first I would run out of time very quickly. If I were that much bolder, I could very easily hurt myself in some way, and if not, who knows. I might even get arrested. But I would have fun, no matter.

About Kenneth Smith
There are hundreds of ways to celebrate your 80th birthday. Not many take the path Kenneth Smith chose. He set out on a 132-mile hike and invited some friends to go along with him. All were over 80! One was actually 90! So, with 25-pound backpacks over their shoulders, they set off from Florida's east coast and headed for the west coast. No nighttime stops at fancy hotels either. This five-person group did it the old-fashioned way, they roughed it!

Cliff Eggink, Iron Geezer Cliff Eggink
I suppose that, if I were bolder, which I am not likely to become in that arena, my limited experience shaped through business, media and some travel, has made me realize how fortunate we are in the USA to have some basics of life, like shelter, clean water, sanitation such as sewer systems which we take for granted, while millions of others in the world do not. 

While I have appreciated the efforts of the many world-wide organizations, such as UNICEF, who have attempted to help, I have also realized how quagmired these bureaucratic agencies are, and that much of the aid does not end up with the end-user. As a result, Doctor without Borders, the Gates Foundation and other efforts, such as Kiva, have sprung up to reduce the red tape and get aid to the people faster, more efficiently, and directly. And, I think, were I bolder, I would take that last model one step further and choose a place of need, learn the language, travel there, choose one family, one tribe, one village and work within that culture to create change not with a hand-out of money, but with a hand-out of teaching a skill so that upon my departure that skill can improve the quality of life of that area. I think that it is not necessary to impose the Western standard of what is quality of life in any developing country, but that it should focus on basic human needs and the culture of the country. 

Too often we assume that everyone aspires to the same as we are, to have the things we have, like computers, cell phones, televisions etc, and while that may be true, the essence of human contentment is first and foremost. To have shelter, food, safety, peace and health are the things that are really important, so it is within those precepts that I would operate. Again, though, I am not that bold, yet, but who knows, as I get older I may yet grow bolder, and come to think of it, one probably does not have to travel far and wide to attempt this, but can find someone who needs this type of aid within one's own community, even when living in an affluent one. After all, fundamental changes and effect to change begin at home.

About Cliff Eggink
Cliff Eggink is a 70-year-old former CEO known around the world as the Iron Geezer. By his own admission, he was once a coach potato. But when he was 60 years old, he says something motivated him to change. He didn't just decide to get in shape, he decided to tackle an Ironman Triathlon. And he says he's been joined in his athletic adventures by his wife, Tatjana, the Iron Gazelle.

Ronda Beaman Dr. Ronda Beaman
10 times BOLDER without being 10 times kinder, wiser, joyous or curious might be a waste. So, if I was 10 times BOLDER, I would demand more kindness, widen my wisdom, jump further in joy and ask BIGGER questions! I wouldn't worry about being tired, wouldn't think of my age in numbers or let people smaller and meaner than me define my capacities. 

I would smile at the grouchy and cry with the pained, I would sing while standing in line at the grocery store and dance in airports. 10 times bolder, why not 100? Life is meant to be lived out loud, I suggest we all live 10 time BOLDER...starting now! 

About Dr. Ronda Beaman
Ronda is the author of "You're Only Young Twice: 10 Do-Overs to Reawaken Your Spirit." The wife, mother and grandmother is the ultimate renaissance woman -- she holds a doctorate in leadership and she's a dream coach, a distinguished professor and a personal trainer.

Elaine Beaubien Elaine Beaubien
If I were ten times BOLDER? I am going to assume that means a multiplier in my talent, stamina, intelligence, and connections as well as the other things you listed. Oh, and how about ten times my collective portfolio, while you're at it. This was a really fun question because it takes us into a flight of fantasy. Or at least I'm going to take the opportunity to get on board that flight. Literally. This is a no brainer for me. I would find a way to get into space. Outer space. 

Every time I see the shuttle take off, I want to be on it. I remember when our school suspended regular activity and had an assembly. A small black and white television was wheeled into the large room with all the drama and anticipation of the actual launch. After several delays, we all witnessed the take off and landing of Alan Shepard. Straight up and straight down. Do you remembers that? Some of my classmates just liked the time away from routine lessons and classes, but I was transfixed by the adventure. Wow. 

And when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon? Oh, I wanted to do that. Along the way, I remained more earthbound in my pursuits, but since you ask, I would love to grab my camera, slip into one of those spiffy jumpsuits, swallow a bottle of Dramamine, and be a space cadet.

About Elaine Beaubien
Elaine Beaubien is an award-winning professor, an international speaker, entrepreneur, corporate trainer and a popular columnist. But after turning 50, she knew she wanted to try her hand at something else -- writing romance novels. So, she started writing under the pen name E.K. Barber but the secret is now out. Her latest is, "Flight into Fate and Flight into Destiny."

Gordy Shields Gordy Shields
You probably shouldn't print this but here it goes anyway. If I was any Bolder in those areas I'd probably be a pain in the butt!! In fact, right now I am being a stubborn nuisance to AARP for their failure to publicize Senior Olympics in their magazine or in any way sponsoring it.

About Gordy Shields
Californian Gordy Shields is living proof that it's never too late to excel at whatever it is you enjoy and that anyone can overcome almost anything. The 88-year-old can't walk more than 100 feet but he's one of the country's best cyclists. The discs in his lower back are slowly deteriorating, which leaves him hunched over. Rather than focusing on the fact that it keeps him from walking, he says his condition is ideal for racing.

Christine Schwab Christine Schwab
As a writer I had to temper my views on women over 40, 50, 60 and beyond dressing either too young and trendy or too old and frumpy. If I were BOLDER I would be yelling from the rooftops to try and help everyone live this wonderful ageless life looking their best. My years of experience back me up but my sensitivity to women keeps me from screaming, "No shorts! No minis! No low cut tops! once you have reached "that" age. I would need to be ten times bolder to be one of the TV personalities that is emphatic about their views. I come from the "as long as you feel good" era, and that is not always a good thing.

About Christine Schwab
Christine is one of the most experienced and nationally recognized fashion, beauty and lifestyle experts on television. She has appeared on "Today," "Oprah," "Live with Regis and Kelly" and more. She's been a spokesperson for many of the world's most powerful fashion brands and retailers. In her book, "The Grown-Up Girl's Guide to Style," she smashes ridiculous and unfounded stereotypes.

Sherrie Mathieson Sherrie Mathieson
If I was ten times bolder I'd work for the CIA... This course (had I taken it) would have been a shock to my friends and family (had they known). I have, and still do follow the lure of my talent which has me engaged fully. But of course that is the natural path most people take. Had I decided to ignore my obvious proclivities, I would want to be engaged in this important profession that educates and arms the US and its allies with critical information affecting eventual life and death. The need for good, reliable intelligence is greater than ever.

About Sherrie Mathieson
Sherrie Mathieson is an award-winning costume designer and stylist who has created a manual to help bring you and your clothes into the 21st century. Her book,"Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful and Modern Personal Style" is full of tips for men and women.

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