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Growing Bolder Article

What is the most troubling example of ageism in society?

Posted June 23, 2008, 5:19 pm
Growing Bolder asks leaders, thinkers, writers, life coaches, entertainers and role models to weigh in on issues affecting our lives.

Our question is: What is the Most Troubling Example of Ageism in Society?

Aubrey de Grey Dr. Aubrey de Grey
Our denial about the horror of aging. We know that aging kills 100,000 people every day, most of them really horribly, but we hardly spend any research money on attempts to develop therapies to combat it. It's so ghastly that we refuse to let ourselves admit that it's ghastly at all. Why is this ageist? Simply because old people are people, too. To say that we shouldn't work to defeat aging is to say that one's right to long and healthy future is less if one already has a long past.

About Dr. Aubrey de Grey
Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a biomedical gerontologist in the genetics department at the University of Cambridge in England who believes that aging is a curable disease and the first person to live to 1,000 might be 60 today. He has been interviewed by many news sources, including "60 Minutes," the BBC, the New York Times, Fortune Magazine and Popular Science. He is chairman and chief science officer of the Methuselah Foundation and editor-in-chief of the academic journal Rejuvenation Research.

Marilyn Kentz Marilyn Kentz
I just don't know. I don't really focus on the negative side. I'm too busy figuring out all the things we CAN do!

About Marilyn Kentz
With Nancy Alspaugh, Marilyn co-authored "Not Your Mothers Midlife: A 10-Step Guide to Fearless Aging, a groundbreaking book that helps women face middle age with confidence. Marilyn is a member of the popular comedy duo, "The Mommies." Marilyn and Nancy are both authors and activists.

Ronda Beaman Dr. Ronda Beaman
Psychoscelrosis... or the hardening of the mind. Too many of us buy into the idea of "old" and we act "old" because people expect that of us! We allow ourselves to become distanced from the flexibility, acceptance and open-mindedness of our original youthful brain. Most than anything, this protection of the status quo ages us, makes us bores and creates in us a reluctance to expand or extend ourselves. We actually BECOME the troubling example of ageism! What then? Remaining years pass us by and we are old too soon and for too long.

About Dr. Ronda Beaman
Ronda is the author of "You're Only Young Twice: 10 Do-Overs to Reawaken Your Spirit." The manual on how to grow younger from the inside out has been praised by critics and readers. She's the ultimate renaissance woman -- a doctorate in leadership, a dream coach, a distinguished professor, a personal trainer. She has enjoyed an accomplished career in advertising, public relations, broadcasting, wellness, and she's a wife, mother and grandmother.

Christine Schwab Christine Schwab
That the media portrays aging as such a negative. Aging today is not the aging of yesterday. We think, feel and act young. We are healthier and more aware of taking care of ourselves. The media is only interested in the 18-24 bracket when the boomers are the ones who have money and time to spend it. We need a better balance. Television is especially guilty. The movies still embrace a Diane Keaton, Helen Mirren and Nick Nolte.

About Christine Schwab
She's a renowned style expert and fashion consultant who has appeared on "Today," "Entertainment Tonight," "Oprah," "NBC Nightly News," "Live with Regis and Kelly" and more. She's been a spokesperson for many of the world's most powerful fashion brands and retailers. She is all about helping smash ridiculous and unfounded stereotypes, like women over 40 don't care about fashion and style. She's the author of "The Grown-Up Girl's Guide to Style."

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