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About Me

Hello...my name is Uncle Russie although it's really Russ Ross. A fan of almost everything retro, I think this is a great site. Edsels, rock and roll, the fifties and anywhere you can go (backwards, that is) in a time tunnel...well, that's for me!I had the pleaseure of meeting Bill at the Edsel's 40th anniversary celebration some years ago. I wonder if he ever bought one? We had a great time together and I'm thrilled to see him on this site. Best of luck Bill and remember, I still owe you a ride.

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Uncle Russie

1958 EDSEL

Last Login: July 21, 2009

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November 12, 1952 (61 Years Old)


United States Of America

More About Me


Rochester, New York


I've been lucky to have had the most wonderful family possible. I just wonder why that whenever they moved, my family didn't tell me. Even when the dog ran away, he didn't leave a forwarding address. I guess it's all just coincidence.


I went to school stupid and came out the same way. I did go to school once, but I didn't know you had to go back.


My main goal in life is to be pruning the rose bushes and living off the government.

People I'd like to meet

Most people I'd like to meet have passed on. So I'll wait until I hit that great juke box in the sky and then so some major socializing.

Recent Photos

  • 1958 EDSEL