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Channels: Health

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Oleda On ... Living Younger Longer: AGE ... IT AIN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE

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Added: Wed. Oct 24, 2012 11:41am
Posted in: Health

Look around you. Age “ain’t” what it used to be. If you are living in the past you better wake up ... and fast!

Yes, I’m 78 and love it. But look all around you -- aging is NOT what it used to be.

A few years ago, reaching age 50, once thought of as being old, became “a new beginning.” But, hold it … have you noticed what’s happening today to those hitting 60, 70, 80 and more? If you play your cards right, 70 is becoming “middle age,” and we are having the time of our healthy lives. Many even start another career and do things their parents never dreamed of doing at that age! And, if you are young, this is your wakeup call to know that you can stay youthful and healthy all your life by using preventive methods … the earlier you start the better.

Oleda Baker, CEO of Oleda and Company, on her 78th birthday

This column is about taking charge of your life … preventing health, energy and beauty problems before they begin. Or, if you have neglected parts of your body, what you can do about it now. There is one rule … YOU must take charge.

Did you know that a long-term scientific study of identical twins proved that our genes account for only 30 percent of the aging process, while the primary influences on showing our age are lifestyle and environment? Of course, your genes are very important, but they are not as influential as you might have assumed.

You can take this to the bank: If you’re fortunate enough to have avoided inheriting major disease-causing DNA, like the majority of us, you have 70 percent control over how you age. So you must not just sit back and allow whatever happens to happen; you need to take charge. Believe me, it’s worth it. I always have in mind that it takes a lot less money and time to “prevent” than to “fix.” Mother Nature cannot be trusted and TIME is NOT on our side.

Never before has scientific and medical research made it so easy to stay healthy, young-looking and vital as we grow older – to remain beautiful and glamorous throughout all of life. If 70 is now becoming middle age, we should be able to live beyond 100 active years, and, as modern medicine progresses, perhaps even as long as 125. You don’t want to live to be a feeble 100 -125 years old, you say? How about just a very healthy, beautiful 95-year-old?

Even with all the advances in science and medical research, none of us can assume that a long, healthy lifespan is a given. Each of us must assume the day-to-day responsibility that ensures a flexible, healthy body with lots of energy, youthful skin and hair, and the ability to help prevent illness. Medical breakthroughs, past and future, are only part of the journey toward your very own long, healthy, beautiful life. You must step up and help yourself. No one else can or will do it for you.

See you next time.

Love, Oleda

Biography: Oleda Baker, now 78, began her career as a high fashion model with the prestigious Wilhelmina Model Agency, in New York City. She is the author of ten books on beauty, health and anti-aging and one novel Reluctant Goddess. She is founder and CEO of Oleda and Company, Inc., her 40-year-old anti-aging products company for skin, hair, diet, energy, nutritional supplement products as well as special makeup (www.oleda.com). Oleda is also a visionary artist. Her oil paintings are exhibited in museums and galleries around the country (www.oledaart.com). Find her on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/oleda.baker.

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