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Channels: Health - Aging

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Views: 832
Added: Wed. Aug 14, 2013 11:40am
Posted in: Aging

People ask me how I feel about having another birthday! I tell them a lot better than if I didn’t!

I love my birthdays, especially since I still feel young and energetic, and, even at 79, no aches and pain. Life is great!

Oleda, founder and CEO of Oleda & Company, Inc., celebrating her 79th birthday

Throughout life, I have looked at "aging" as worn down body parts in need of repair and I better get busy repairing them. If we don’t, that part can go on to do more damage. I also work to stay ahead of the game by trying to PREVENT problems before they start.

Now don’t tell me it’s my genes. (My loving brother passed away over 3 years ago at age 72 weighing 350 pounds.) Scientific studies prove that 70 percent of the aging process has to do with your lifestyle and environment, only 30 percent is controlled by your genes. One recent report says it's 75% vs 25%...I wouldn’t doubt it.

We have one life on this earth and I plan to get the most out of it. So far, I’m Living Younger Longer and I plan to keep it going. Having another birthday is NOT the problem…getting SICK and "OLD" IS the problem, especially when it can be prevented.

In my earlier years I never thought being almost 80 could be so much fun and that I could feel so healthy. One never knows for sure what tomorrow brings, but my doctor tells me to keep doing whatever it is I’m doing and in endorsing my latest book, wrote, "Oleda has consistently scored as would a healthy person at least 25 years younger than her actual age."

I don’t tell you this to brag (well maybe a little...) but rather to remind you that YOU are in charge of the only body you’ll ever have – you must take care of it to get the most out of a longer, healthy life.

Make a vow to start today...it’s never too late.

Here's something a little fun I did to celebrate my 79th birthday. I pretended I was still a high-fashion NYC Wilhelmina model. Move over beautiful young models ... us oldies might just be coming back. 
Here was my thought process during this: action, more action, I'm praying a bit ... the finished shot!

Love, Oleda

Biography: Oleda Baker, now 79, began her career as a high fashion model with the prestigious Wilhelmina Model Agency, in New York City. She is the author of ten books on beauty, health and anti-aging and one novel Reluctant Goddess. She is founder and CEO of Oleda and Company, Inc., her 40-year-old anti-aging products company for skin, hair, diet, energy, nutritional supplement products as well as special makeup (www.oleda.com). Oleda is also a visionary artist. Her oil paintings are exhibited in museums and galleries around the country (www.oledaart.com). Find her on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/oleda.baker.

  • Posted 4:44pm August 28th, 2013
     Thank you Ginger! You are looking great!

  • Posted 6:29pm August 27th, 2013

    Everyone would be happy to turn 79 if they looked as good and were as healthy as you! 

    A happy belated birthday to you, and MANY MORE!

Oleda Baker

Anti-ager Oleda Baker: CEO Oleda & Company, Inc.

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