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Tech Minute: Google Wave

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Posted on August 29th, 2010 at 3:05 am

Google Wave is designed to make it easier to create and share documents on the Web, so people all over the world can stay on top of updates, breaking news and collaborative projects.

**Reporter note: Right after we completed our Google Wave video and sent the episode to PBS stations, Google announced some major changes for the product. Our video is still accurate, but had I known about the changes to come, I might have approached the topic differently. (Good news for Wave fans: it looks like they WILL be sticking around and even seeing some improvements soon!)

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GB Exclusives
GB Exclusives - GB Minutes
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GB Exclusives - GB Minutes - Tech Minutes, GB Exclusives, Technology, GB Exclusives - GB Minutes, GB TV APP - Minutes

google wave - computers - technology - tech minute - google

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