Dr. Mark Hyman


If your idea of Growing Bolder is being as healthy and vibrant as you can, right up until the very end, you’ll want to listen to this interview.

The biggest chronic disease in America today affects more than 100 million Americans, yet the majority are still undiagnosed.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans today are now overweight, and it’s leading to countless other problems, including high blood pressure, strokes, cancer, depression, dementia and infertility.

Dr. Mark Hyman is the author of several New York Times best-sellers and the medical director of the UltraWellness Center. He is on a mission to wake up Americans about their health.

He says one condition is crippling our country — diabesity. He says 90 percent of pre-diabetics have not yet been diagnosed. He says diabesity is an epidemic that’s not being named and not being treated directly. Dr. Hyman says we have to make changes not only to our diets but to our homes, schools, and communities.

In his latest book, “The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease & Feeling Great Now!” Dr. Hyman lays out his do-it-yourself health plan that you can work on with your own physician and will be covered under your current insurance policy.

He says, for too many people, simply going to the doctor will not help this condition. Today’s doctors were not trained to treat this issue and they’re not properly arming people with the information they need to start making life-saving changes.

Dr. Hyman explains his six-week program, which he says is designed to help you understand how your body works and to get to the root causes.

Find out why the plan revolves heavily around one important element — buying, cooking and eating real food.

Plus, find out why he thinks we’re living in a Pharmageddon time and why he’s so desperate to help our children and the very adult diseases they’re living with thanks to poor diets.

Dr. Hyman also explains why he supports a controversial sugar tax.

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