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Items Related To Tag 'friendships'

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    • WPFT-Nona-16x9.jpg
      Big Name, Big Cause, Big Fun

      Just when you think Women Playing For T.I.M.E. couldn't possibly make their life-saving tournaments any more fun, one of the greatest golfers ever shows up. Don't call her the Tiger Woods of women's golf. He's the Annika Sorenstam of men's golf.

    • Roller Skate
      Roller Skating Not Just For Kids

      A group of men and women over 50 prove that they won't let arthritis and age get in the way of their passion to roller skate.

    • YoYo
      World Record Hanging By Thread

      In this day and age of high-tech, big-dollar toys, more than 2,000 people were drawn to a history museum to play with a low-tech, $4 toy that's almost half a century past its prime. The result? An event that will go down in history!

    • Shirley-Mitchell-4x3.jpg
      She Saw the Future

      Everything we thought we knew about aging is changing. Opportunity and possibility are everywhere. Everyday, more men and women realize the magnitude of this change. Shirley Mitchell realized it 20 years ago.

    • Xmas-Lights-16x9.jpg
      Christmas Lights Up the Neighborhood

      Sometimes, holiday lights can be just the thing to get us out of our houses and spreading good cheer. Take this tour through a charming neighborhood.

    • Wayne Gratz 16x9.jpg
      Sonic Soup for the Soul

      He's written music for NBC sports, artist Thomas Kinkade and for a 3-year-old victim of child abuse. Many critics consider his songs poignant, intimate and healing. You'll wonder why you've never heard of him before.

    • Ruth 07-10-07
      Ruth1898 on the Power of Curiosity

      In this blog Ruth, at 109, wonders how much longer she will live. She talks about the things she would like to be around to see, like who the next President will be.

    • Joy-Johnson1x1.jpg
      Joy Johnson

      She spent 35 years counseling people through grief, but now, first-time novelist Joy Johnson is helping them laugh with her new book series, The BOOB Girls. Find out why she wanted to celebrate the beauty and passion of older women.

    • Computer Keyboard
      Dotsie Bregel

      Dotsie Bregel has created an online meeting place for Boomer women.

    • Beverly Mahone
      Beverly Mahone

      Thanks to Beverly Mahone, college-aged kids aren’t the only ones tanning it up on the beach. Mahone is the driving force behind the First Annual Baby Boomer Girlfriend's Spring Break and she's making it known that boomers can party too.

    Viewing 1-10 of 46