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Items Related To Tag 'injury'

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    • Sean-VanGerena16x9.jpg
      Sean VanGerena

      In 2008, Sean VanGerena survived a horrendous car wreck that left him with a TBI, a broken neck and he then suffered multiple strokes. Now, he's on the U.S. paratriathlon team. His spirit, courage and attitude will inspire all of facing challenges.

    • Lynn Tracey
      Lynn Tracey

      The year 2006 was a year filled with obstacles, but Lynn Tracey walked right past them. Even after the loss of her mother and a knee injury, Tracey went on to become America's best race walker over the age of 50.

    • bill-collins-runs1x1.jpg
      Bill Collins

      The fastest sprinter over the age of 50 says there's something new emerging in America - the Ageless Athletic Spirit.

    • jack Lawrence.jpg
      Legendary Songwriter Dies at 96

      Songwriter Jack Lawrence, whose "Tenderly" launched the career of Rosemary Clooney and put Bobby Darin on the map with English lyrics to "Beyond the Sea," has died at the age of 96.

    • Larry-Roofner16x9.jpg
      Crafting a New Future

      When we first met Larry Roofner, he'd quit his executive job to pursue his passion for woodworking following a heart attack, calling it the best time of his life. Then he nearly lost his life in a cycling accident. Find out how he's battled back.

    • harriet-shepard1x1.jpg
      Harriet Shepard

      How's this for quality family time? The Shepard family, including 94-year-old great-grandmother Harriet, chose to freefall from 15,000 feet.

    • Liz-Palmer1x1.jpg
      Liz Palmer

      Liz Palmer has one message for you -- erase the phrase "I'm too old" from your vocabulary forever. She took that message to heart and returned to track and field after a 25-year layoff. She's now the fastest female sprinter over 50 in human history.

    • Sandy Scott
      Cyclist Smashes State Record

      Sandy Scott added yet another State title to his ever growing collection. This time, he shattered the record... his own! And, for the first time ever, the Florida Mens' and Womens' Champions are all in the family!

    • PROFILE IMG copy.jpg
      Swine Flu In Mexico: The "New" Bird Flu

      We found an article about the latest big outreak, swine flu. Here is the information we got from an article published on Health Truth Revealed .comLINK:http://www.healthtruthrevealed.com/articles/07224711604/articleARTICLE: We knew this was coming. Even though the bird flu hype was removed years ago from the nightly news, planning for the global pandemic and the development of pandemic flu...


    Viewing 51-60 of 75