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Items Related To Tag 'tried'

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    • Studedoors7.jpg

      1950 Custom Studebaker

    • IMG_8431.JPG
      A decision in dust

      It was the chalk dust that persuaded me not to become a teacher. My senior year, fired with youthful idealism, I tried my hand at student teaching. Then one Friday afternoon the regular teacher left me alone to do an art project with a classroom full of sixth graders. White construction paper, colored chalk, and no discipline. I tried to clean up afterwards but every swipe of the broom created...

    • Geocache-16x9.jpg
      Tech Minute: Geocaching

      It's a high-tech treasure hunt — letting you track down toys and other trinkets, using GPS codes and smartphones. Have you tried geocaching?

    • James Hylton
      James Hylton

      n February 2007, 72-year-old James Hylton tried to become the oldest driver to ever qualify for the Daytona 500.

    • Ann2-13.jpg
      PC back to square one...

      Well it finally happened. Guess I just bragged too much. My computer had to be reset after no problems with it for 8 years. I bought it on a trip to Atlanta while my husband was at a business meeting. I hear people always complaining they are having problems with their computer and I would always say...I've had mine 8 years and no problems. Recently it started running slower and slower and it...

    • sassy_neon_sign.jpg
      Potty Training ..101

      After reading this I hope you won't think I am a total nut....The idea was good but my son proved it wasn't the best idea I ever had.... When my son was 18months old he exibited the desire to go potty like daddy, standing up in front of the toilet. So I got an old phone book and duct taped it up and he used it to get himself up and above the rim of the bowl. He did quite well going but...


    Viewing 1-10 of 175